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Simple, lightweight, and compact, the Stoeger Coach gun is not only best used for Cowboy Action shooting but can also double as your home-defense shotgun. Learn more about this beauty as you read on.

Stoeger Coach: Single and Double Trigger Shotguns

The Stoeger Coach gun comes in single or double triggers. The double triggers are the standard ones, giving you the choice of barrels between its improved cylinder and modified chokes. Though it takes a bit of getting used to, I personally like the double triggers and how this beauty provides you the liberty to select the best one to use depending on the situation. This classic is definitely your best bet for home defense or competition shootouts.


Gun Info

As its name suggests, the Stoeger Coach is a coach gun designed after those used by stagecoach guards in the Old West. Originally, the Stoeger Coach was built for Cowboy Action shooting but this beauty can be a perfect choice for some clay target shooting and bird hunting as well. These guns are being distributed by Stoeger Industries and manufactured in Brazil by E.R. Amantino.


Gun Specs

Gun Specs | Stoeger Coach | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

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The Stoeger Coach gun is a side-by-side shotgun, chambered for both shells with 2-3/4” and 3” measurement. Available in different gauges such as .410 bore, 12-gauge, or 20-gauge, this shotgun can be in matte nickel, polished nickel-plated, or blue finish.

  • Barrel length: 20”
  • Overall length: 36.5”
  • Average weight: 6.5 to 7 lbs.
  • Sight: brass bead
  • Stock: A-grade satin walnut
  • Trigger: single or double
  • Chokes: Fixed IC and fixed M (for 12- and 20-gauge); F&F (for .410 bore)


Ease of Use and Performance

With the simplicity of the Stoeger Coach guns, it is one of the effective tools you can have for home defense. Its barrel length and weight are designed for quick handling and it has a pretty uncomplicated break-open design. Basically, this beauty can be used by anyone.


Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons | Stoeger Coach | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

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  • Handy – due to its lightweight and shorter length features, handling this gun would not be much of a problem. Plus, the Stoeger Coach also has a small breakdown size, easily done in just seconds.
  • Versatile – you have a choice between an IC or M to use in different situations.
  • Affordable – for a quite effective home-defense gun and shooting gun, this beauty is inexpensive.


  • Capacity – since it only holds two, this might be an issue for some.
  • Misfire – there are cases of misfire normally connected with issues on firing pins.


Overall Verdict and Price

Overall Verdict and Price | Stoeger Coach | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

Image via James Fauset

With a modest price ranging from $449 to $549 (depending on the specs and type of gun), the Stoeger Coach can be highly recommended as a home-defense gun, hunting gun, and action shooting gun. I guess as long as the two-round capacity would not be an issue for you, this compact and easy-to-use shotgun is a winner.


Take a closer look at the 12-gauge Stoeger Coach by watching this video:

The Stoeger Coach gun could be your go-to firearm when it comes to home defense, hunting, and action shooting. With its light and compact design, it’s easy to use practically by anyone!

Do you own a Stoeger Coach gun? What can you say about this beauty? Share your experience with this shotgun by posting a comment below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in September 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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