Violence is on the Rise and Americans Need A Better Solution

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Ever heard of the phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword”? Well, this tac pen is not as big as a sword nor does it have a hidden blade somewhere. Unlike most concealed weapons, the pen is the weapon itself and it's one of those concealed weapons that does its job properly in terms of its function as a weapon and its ability to stay concealed.

Violence is on the Rise and Americans Need A Better Solution

Introducing the Tac Pen That Does The Fighting For You

Let's be honest. You cannot always carry a gun or knife with you because it might be illegal where you live. At best, you can probably carry around a taser or pepper spray, and even then, they'd be bulky and the range is just terrible. A taser is no good when the attacker has already laid their hands on you and the pepper spray becomes useless when there's too much wind. Where does that leave you? Chances are, you'd grab something within reach, like a pen. But will it be enough? NO.

Introducing The Hoffman-Richter Stinger Tactical Pen

The Hoffman-Richter Stinger Tactical Pen | The Tac Pen That Does The Fighting For You

The Hoffman-Richter Stinger Tactical Pen is a self-defense weapon like no other. I mean, look at it. At first glance, you wouldn't think that this would be a very powerful equalizer in a fight now, would you? Whether you're dressed in sweats or in a three-piece suit, this pen will always stay concealed. It doesn't bulge like a gun or a knife. It doesn't protrude like a can of pepper spray in your bag. It's simply a pen. A bad-ass pen. You can place this pen in your coat jacket or your pant pockets and have it wherever you go.

What's in the pen?

What's in the Pen? |

Allow me to bore you a bit with a few technical details. The Hoffman-Richter Stinger Tactical Pen is made out of AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM, coated with titanium. Let that sink in for a moment. Commercial pens are made of plastic and they're only designed to be handled for writing. Any force greater than what's required for writing will break the tip off. But not this tactical pen. Apart from being a self-defense weapon, it's still a pen. It can write even when upside down or underwater. The cartridge is your standard pen cartridge that you can purchase from any office supply store.

But is it an effective fighting / self-defense tool?

The Hoffman-Richter Stinger Tactical Pen Up Close |

The durability allows the pen to be used as a tool for breaking, stabbing, or puncturing. The beveled-edge bottom can help you break glass, like a windshield, or someone else's skull. The pen's flat cap is designed to multiply force, so the wielder of the pen deals more damage to either glass or human flesh.

But let's break down the use of this pen in a fight

The Hoffman Richter Stinger Tactical Pen measures roughly around 6 to 7 inches, with the cap on. That's as long as your ordinary knife. The pen cap's grip is designed much like a knife's handle, intended for maximum grip strength and minimum chances of the pen slipping off of your hands. With your thumb planted flat on the pen cap, the pen is now capable of piercing flesh and breaking bones with minimal effort.

It's not a knife nor does it have sharp edges, so slashing and cutting is out of the question. Instead, you rely on piercing. To hold the pen properly, your thumb must rest firmly on top of the pen's cap or your pinky finger securing the pen's cap. This allows you to deliver piercing blows, thanks to the added momentum coming from your thumb/pinky.

Your defensive skills will now rely on CQC or Close Quarter Combat to maximize the pen's efficiency. In other words, the attacker has to be close to you in order for you to deliver a non-lethal blow.

How close does he need to be, you might ask? An arm's length, or within range of a long straight punch or a haymaker.

How much damage are we talking about here?

Push comes to shove, this tac pen can deliver both non-lethal and lethal blows, depending on the placement of the strikes. Lethal blows would be right at the temple, below the armpit, in the jugular or femoral artery, and the heart. Any hits outside these areas would be non-lethal, but still more devastating enough to cripple the assailant. A good pierce through the hand or through the collarbone can create the distance that you can. Because of its durability and the force of the strike, it's going to be easy to break through flesh and bone.

Oh, you're a woman and you got this strange man's hands around your neck? Grab for the pen and stab it in his eyes or between his knuckles. Let physics do the work and the pen do the damage.

Oh, someone's lunging at you? A quick parry then whisk the pen from your pocket or purse and deliver two to three effective blows to the chest and stomach.

There's just so much damage that you can do with this pen.

For a more in-depth look at its self-defense applications, our friends over at Stay Safe Media made this video:

Violence is on the Rise and Americans Need A Better Solution

You can't put a price on survival and self-defense, that's why these tactical pens are selling for 75% off their normal price! Invest in a good self-defense tool. Give one to your spouse, children, and people you care about now.


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Violence is on the Rise and Americans Need A Better Solution

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