Defensive Gun Use: Pharmacist Bottles Up Prevention; Attacker Opts For Rough Medicine Instead

June 7, 2016 Defensive gun use: Pharmacist bottles up prevention; attacker opts for rough medicine instead Pennsylvania pharmacist and small business owner Kenneth Lee is being lauded by his neighbors...

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Defensive Gun Use Of The Day | .45 ACP Edition

March 4, 2016 I absolutely love to hear about defensive gun uses (DGU), they make me giddy inside like a little kid on Christmas morning. No, it isn't because I like when people get shot—but...

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Liberal Headline: More People In TN Died From Guns Than Car Accidents

January 26, 2016 Not sure how this is even possible, but people “died from guns” in Tennessee. In fact, more people “died from guns” than they did from car accidents. What's...

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