Liberal Headline: More People In TN Died From Guns Than Car Accidents

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January 26, 2016 / Comments (4)

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Not sure how this is even possible, but people “died from guns” in Tennessee. In fact, more people “died from guns” than they did from car accidents. What's going on here?

Did they get infected from some weird “gun-born” virus? Or, did they jump from the holster and start pistol-whipping some innocent bystanders? Can you even imagine?
This is the headline from an obviously left-leaning news source: More people in Tennessee died from guns than car accidents. (Only click on that link if you enjoy losing brain cells)
Of course, upon further investigation, these people didn't “die from guns” at all. Clearly, projectiles killed these people. Then again, the bullet doesn't usually fly out of the barrel on its own.

So, logical deductive reasoning leads me to believe that someone must have pulled the trigger.

What this article fails to illustrate, however, is how many of those mean ol' guns were used in self-defense. (follow that link to the GOA website with some sultry little facts about DGU). Surely, there has to be some defensive uses of a gun. I'm not dismissing the fact that bad guys use guns. But, if just one of those gun uses was out of self-defense, it's justified. At least, it is in my book.

After all, don't people have a basic right to self-defense?

Last I checked, it's in the paper that made America a country.
The simple fact that bad guys have guns, means good guys need guns. It's that simple. That's why I own guns. And, I don't need to know who you are to understand that it's likely why you own guns.
Friends, read this next line very carefully: People don't “die from guns.” They don't infect people. They, by themselves, are just inert objects that are capable of nothing without the use of an operator. Just like a car. Or, a plane. Or, a snow shovel.
Get it? Can they be dangerous? Of course they can be, especially in the wrong hands. But, then again, so can a car be dangerous. And, a plane. And, to be quite honest, I'd never volunteer to get hit with a snow shovel, either.
Catch my drift?
Stop blaming my guns from the crimes of others. Please. While you're at it, don't take away my driver's license just because someone else got drunk at the wheel and took a life. That sounded stupid didn't it?
Well, so does taking away my license to carry a concealed weapon just because some nut-job decided it was a good idea to shoot at some innocent people.
Let's recap, just in case you skipped to the bottom. Guns by themselves don't kill people. They can't. They aren't alive. They need to have ammunition loaded into the chamber. They need to have the trigger pulled in order to be fired. They can't just jump up and start shooting all on their own.
Instead, a gun requires the use of a good, or bad, person in order to be fired. Good people generally only take out their firearms when needed (as in self-defense). Bad people, on the other hand, like to use firearms to hurt others. Thus, people like you and I will always need guns to defend ourselves. What's your take on this? Leave a comment below. 

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Liberal Headline: More People In TN Died From Guns Than Car Accidents

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