When is Too Young to Teach Children to Shoot?

kids with guns

There's a huge debate in this country right now about children and guns. Is it appropriate to teach children to shoot? Is there a certain age when it's best? Should guns be off-limits for younger kids?
We came across this video recently and wanted to share it with our readers and get your take. How would you react to someone telling you your child was too young to learn to shoot? Do you think the child in this video is too young?

When is Too Young to Teach Children to Shoot?

In our opinion, the younger the better. Kids who learn to shoot early and practice often will be more responsible and practice better gun safety — not to mention, they'll be better shots.
What do you think — did the woman in this video have the right to speak up if she thought this child was too young? Or was it none of her business? Did the people who stepped in to confront her do the right thing? Let us know in the comments!

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