Survival Gear Review | The Mission Critical Backpack

Survival Gear Review | The Mission Critical Backpack by Survival Life at

Becoming a parent doesn't mean you have to give up your outdoorsman lifestyle. Mission Critical is a husband-and-wife owned business that specializes in survival gear for parents, especially dads.

Mission Critical Backpack Review

The Mission Critical Backpack is a heavy-duty backpack designed to comfortably hold a day’s worth of gear and supplies while out adventuring with your little ones.

Complete with waist straps and sternum straps, the Mission Critical Backpack is ensured to not bounce around or cause unnecessary back pain while hiking, camping, or simply completing errands around town.

Survival Gear Review | The Mission Critical Backpack by Survival Life at

The Mission Critical Backpack is spacious and easy to use. Image via

The features of the Mission Critical Backpack include:

  • Water Bladder Sleeve
  • Sternum Strap Whistle
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Electronics Pocket
  • Cell Phone Holder
  • Made from 1000D Nylon
  • Weighs 48 oz
  • Volume of 27.5 Liters


Hands down, the Mission Critical Backpack’s most important advantage over other tactical backpacks is the unique reverse-open top that allows easy access to the main compartment.

The main compartment also features a side access opening in order to easily reach items such as the changing pad without disturbing your gear that may be stacked toward the top of the bag.

Another great advantage of the Mission Critical Backpack is the sleek black look and design of the bag itself as well as the MOLLE webbing that can be found on both the sides and back of the bag.

Even the Mission Critical logo found on the bag itself comes in a sleek black look giving dads additional appeal while out and about.

Need extra space? Feel free to attach any amount of utility or accessory pouches that you and your family may need to the bag itself.  The Mission Critical Backpack’s design can comfortably hold additional pouches on the sides, upper top, and back while maintaining even weight distribution.

The most convenient advantage of this backpack offered by Mission Critical over other backpacks is the three separate padded inserts that allow the backpack to sit comfortably and conform to the wearer’s back.

Within the first few minutes of wearing this backpack, the padded inserts begin to take a mold of the wearers’ unique posture and style of walk allowing for total comfort.

Both the waist straps and chest straps help to secure the load comfortably to the torso all while providing easy access to the whistle located on the sternum straps.

Capabilities, Comfort, and Durability

Thanks to the MOLLE webbing located on all sides, the Mission Critical Backpack has numerous capabilities that many other hiking backpacks cannot offer.  MOLLE webbing allows for additional pouches to be easily secured to the backpack itself.

However, Mission Critical takes the mission of being a father a step further by designing a backpack that can virtually fit additional pouches almost anywhere.

Survival Gear Review | The Mission Critical Backpack by Survival Life at

This backpack can do more than carry stuff for your baby, it's great for everyday use as well. Via Mission Critical

And finally, the durability of the Mission Critical Backpack is top-notch and surpasses a great majority of other hiking packs in reliability alone.

The Mission Critical Backpack is complete with YKK zippers to help ensure that this backpack never has any issues while out and about.   The Mission Critical Backpack retails for $165.00 and ships the same day as ordered.

Be sure to check out Mission Critical's website and follow them on Facebook.

To see the Mission Critical Backpack in action, check out the video below:

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Survival Gear Review | The Mission Critical Backpack

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