Features, Fittings, And Buying Tips For Top Rated Hiking Boots

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October 18, 2019 / Comments Off on Features, Fittings, And Buying Tips For Top Rated Hiking Boots

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Hiking with sore feet really takes the enjoyment away from the scenic views provided by mother nature. Instead of appreciating the beautiful trail, you can't help but shift your focus on your aching blistered feet. In addition, top rated hiking boots allow you to go even further while trekking on a very comfortable pair. While great boots can be pricey, it could be the best investment you could ever make on hiking gear.

Features, Fittings, And Buying Tips For Top Rated Hiking Boots

Choosing the best pair of hiking boots might be tricky. But once you know what you want, it'll be a walk in the park. Learn what to look for to get top-of-the-line hiking boots for your next adventure. This video on what to look for in top rated hiking boots by Aveen Ver Ploeg is what you'll need to get started!

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Here are some of the things that are really important in case you missed them! 

Once set on getting a new pair of hiking boots, the first thing to do is assess the trail's level of difficulty. For easy and relatively flat trails, you can go with your ordinary sneakers. But for trails with lots of steep inclinations, you'd want to protect your ankle with low tops or mid-heights.


Another thing you shouldn't miss is how the boot fits on your foot. Naturally, you'd want the heel to about the middle of the shoe to fit tightly around your foot. This way, there's no room for your foot to move when you're walking but just enough room for your toes to wiggle around.


If you noticed, Aveen's boots are mostly GTX's. GTX stands for Gore-Tex fabric that's waterproof while it remains breathable. Otherwise, the boots aren't waterproof of if they are, chances are there's no ventilation for your feet. Thus, your feet gets really hot especially when it's not winter.

If you can get all these traits without spending too much(i.e. within your budget), you've got yourself some top rated hiking boots! With the perfect hiking boots, you're sure to appreciate nature more and worry about your aching feet less. If you think there's more to learn about hiking boots, why don't you tell us!

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