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Arm yourself with tsunami preparedness tips because when the earth starts to rumble and the ocean rise and fall at an alarming rate, preparedness will be your strong fortress and savior. Read on and learn how to stay safe in the midst of this giant wall of death!

Tsunami Preparedness | It's Better Safe Than Submerged

There is always someone trapped somewhere in a dangerous survival situation. One such instance is when giant tidal waves called tsunamis hit Wrath on land. This happens when something interrupts the ocean's normal activity, such as an earthquake or underwater volcanic eruption. monstrous seismic sea waves will form, and this is exceedingly damaging.

But we can still be safe and come out alive from the fury of this natural catastrophe through tsunami preparedness. Here are some tips that will save your life during a tsunami.

Don't Go Near The Shore

When you see a tsunami approaching, you don't need to go near the shore and watch it like your favorite action flick.

Don't Go Near The Shore | Tsunami Preparedness | Survival Life Tips

Move away from beaches, coasts, and other bodies of water. You have to run as fast as you can and save yourself from the deadly rampage.

Go To Higher Grounds

Should a tsunami befall, you don't have to wait for a warning –you need to run! Go to higher ground and stay there. A tsunami could occur minutes after an earthquake and it can happen very fast.
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So it would be best to go to a higher place at least ten meters above sea level as quickly as you can right after the ground stops shaking especially to those people living in low-lying and coastal areas. The higher, the better.

Monitor The Tsunami

Tsunamis occur in various waves that happen minutes apart. Do not go back to coastal areas until authorities allow it. Stay vigilant and watch the tsunami's progress. Hark to the instructions of your local officials and give high regards to their advice.

The Aftermath

The Aftermath | Tsunami Preparedness | Survival Life Tips

After a tsunami unleashes its wrath, a flood is sure to follow. It is dangerous to drive or walk through a flood, so it is wise to wait for the local announcement that it is safe to go out.

Coordinate with rescue officials for evacuation plans before going out or driving off somewhere.

Check out this video for more reliable tips on how to stay safe during a tsunami!

From the Sumatra Tsunami in 2004 until it ruthlessly hits Japan in 2011, this colossal, unconquerable wall of water took a lot of lives and destroyed properties amounting to billions of dollars. The lessons we learned from those heart-breaking episodes should always be kept in mind. Mother nature's ferocity is so relentless, powerful, swift and can strike anytime so we have to stay vigilant as much as possible and be prepared at all times.

Tsunami Preparedness | Survival Life Tips

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 Now that you know what to do during a tsunami, it would also be wise to know some reliable earthquake survival tips!

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Tsunami Preparedness | Survival Life Tips

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