He Wants To Do What To The Second Amendment?

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September 15, 2016 / Comments (2)

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The following text is taken straight from a recent March 22nd article from Washington Post that is not only complete and utter garbage, but is about as un-American as it gets before you actually turn into a traitor. The author of this article basically says that he doesn't want to ban guns, but wants to repeal the Second Amendment. Uh, what?
Here is the short article/letter to the editor:
I agree with National Rifle Association executive Chris W. Cox that the death of Justice Antonin Scalia was tragic.
The two 5-to-4 rulings on guns he referenced were on interpretations of the Second Amendment as written but were not necessarily meant to say that the court agrees with the amendment itself or that there should be no gun-safety laws; restrictions on the sale of some weapons, such as those designed and intended for military purposes; restrictions on certain individuals being allowed to make a purchase; or requirements of safety devices.
I think we should repeal the Second Amendment. This would not prohibit gun ownership, but it could help us to establish more sensible gun-safety policies.
I am sick and tired of the NRA and members of Congress who fear the NRA using the Second Amendment as a crutch to preclude almost any action to improve gun safety, whether it be requiring trigger locks or other safety devices to prevent accidental use by children, or even research on gun safety.


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Still with me? Okay, let's talk about some of this nonsense which is being spewed all over the internet (by way of protected free speech!). Ya know what? Let's just skip to the part that says “repeal the Second Amendment.” I'm not sure what planet this person is from, but if they successfully take away the fundamental right to self-defense, guns would be banned. It's just that simple.
In fact, I'd wager that if it ever was repealed, there would be several proposed gun-ban laws on the desks of our politicians within a single week. Without it, the NRA, NSSF, GOA, NAGR and the rest would have no leg to stand on. To suggest that a gun-ban wouldn't ensue is just ridiculous.
Let's examine what the Second Amendment does:
The Second is written into the law of the land, and isn't something that shall be taken out or infringed upon. It is written in there to protect something that predates it.
In other words, the right to self-defense predates the Constitution. The Second Amendment was simply designed to protect that right.
Second Amendment

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What happens if the Second Amendment is repealed? Other rights will follow suit. That's just how it works. After all, the Second Amendment is written into our laws to do two things:
1) It helps give citizens the ability to protect themselves, and
2) It allows us to protect the other laws from being taken away by the government.
Second Amendment

The Second Amendment makes all other laws possible.

Our forefathers understood that governments could be tyrannical and wanted to give us a way of preventing that, hundreds of years ago. Remember, that is exactly what they were fighting against. Sadly, this is something that not enough people today have a solid understanding of.
If our right to protection is taken away, we have no way of keeping our other rights safe. For example, our right to free-speech is already in trouble, and has been for a few years. I believe that the only thing keeping it in tact is the 2A. And if that is repealed, Americans will be in a world of hurt.
How so?
I can't honestly believe that the millions of gun-owning Americans in this fine country are going to just roll over and let the powers that be take away their right to self-defense. In fact, I'm pretty sure that at least a portion of them are going to take it to a level that the liberals are either in denial about, or are counting on.
I hang out in the same community that you do—the gun community. I'm guessing that people like you and I don't have “come and take em” signs and stickers plastered all over the place because we are going to willingly let the law of the land be repealed. Not a snowball's chance in hell. Chances are good, however, that people will do whatever they feel necessary to protect what they believe in.
After all, it's like Huckabee said when talking about Donald Trump before you got the republican nomination: Be thankful that this revolution is being conducted with ballots and not bullets.
I'm not sure what will happen if the ballots miss their target. Let's hope they don't.
Repealing something like the Second Amendment will not be an easy task. If that's the goal, they have a huge mountain to climb to get there. Then again, with an open Supreme Court seat, and such close rulings on other Second Amendment-related cases, who knows what the future holds.
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Here's a link to the referenced WAPO article.

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He Wants To Do What To The Second Amendment?

  1. JJM123 says:

    Well said – and the Control Freaks / Tyrants would not hesitate to enslave all of us same as they have done throughout history.

  2. Jay84 says:

    They can’t take my guns till I’m dead. Go down fighting for my family’s protection….

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