The Z-Blade Review | Simple Tool For Every Day And Emergency Use

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March 7, 2023 / Comments (1)

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Several years ago, I came across an interesting tool at a prepper show. It was a small utility knife that had a razor-sharp blade with a plastic sheath that it went into. Not long afterward, I ordered a multipack online and began to use them around the house and in my kits. The Z-Blade ® by PFI, Inc. is a useful tool for both every day and emergency use, which is why I keep buying them.

The Z-Blade Review

The Z-Blade Review | Simple Tool For Every Day And Emergency Use


The first use I had for mine was around the home. I had one in the kitchen and another in my office, mostly to open packages cleanly. During the last few years, I have purchased some higher quality knives and scissors, so I want them to last. In the past, I would break out one of my knives or scissors, but after a while the blades get worn or pitted. With the Z-Blade® I just throw it out when it reaches the end of its life. I can save my scissors and knives for other purposes, thereby extending their lives and saving money.


While I am not a “Mr. Fix-It” around the house, I do keep a range of tools on-hand for the tasks I can perform. If I need a precise cut on a piece of plastic or paper, I usually break out the Z-Blade® and use it. The blade is thin, so it’s not appropriate for thicker materials. But for light-duty cutting, it works like a champ. Just like in the kitchen, I used them so much during the first year I had to buy some more. It complements my box-cutter, X-ACTO® knife, and other small blades very well.


Another place where I keep my Z-blades are in various kits that I have assembled. That means I have one in my car kit, my Bug Out Bag, my office kit, my One More Day Bag, and in my Safe Room. Of course, these don’t get much use, but they are available when I need them. Because of the locking sheath, I am not worried about getting stabbed or cut when I reach into these kits. Plus, they are lightweight and don’t take up much space. They are a great addition to my kits because it’s smart to have a sharp blade handy.

Projected Costs

The manufacturer sells these on their website for about $5 each in a multipack.


Not only do I use the Z-Blade®, I gave them as gifts to my family a couple of years back. I figured that everybody could use a good utility knife around the home, regardless of whether they are preppers. They are inexpensive and useful, so giving them away won’t break the bank, plus you know they will get used. In my experience, I have used mine so much that I’ve had to replace the ones in the kitchen a few times. That is the ultimate compliment for a tool, if it gets used to the point where it gets worn-out, you know it’s valuable.


The plastic sheath protects you and the blade, very safe to carry around.


Manufacturer’s website is very sparse, not much information on the product.

Bottom Line

The Z-Blade® is a simple and effective tool for both normal and emergency use. It is a great addition around the house, in the garage, and in your kits. This is the little blade that could…and does!

Overall Rating 9/10

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The Z-Blade Review | Simple Tool For Every Day And Emergency Use

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