A Hunter’s Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

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In case the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse happens, do you have enough items for a zombie apocalypse survival kit? Check out these survival kit essentials to ensure your survival during a zombie apocalypse!

A Hunter's Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

If you're a fan of watching sci-fi thriller films, then you already know what a zombie is. Zombies are a staple of any American fiction and they're always out to eat your brains. If they were to come true, do you have what it takes to outrun them or at least thin out their herd? As a hunter, you probably have survival gear locked away in one of your storage spaces ready to be taken out for your next hunting trip. Find out if you need to add more items to your survival gear by checking out this post!



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Rifles are your number one defense against these freaks. They are long-ranged weapons and are powerful enough to take out a zombie with a single shot. For faster shooting and reloading, a semi-automatic MSR like an AR-15 can be a good addition to your zombie apocalypse survival kit.


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A massive storage of high caliber ammunition like a 5.56 NATO or a .308 can keep you going for awhile. These bullets will blast the brains out of the non-thinking undead. Just make sure you're storing your ammo the right way to keep them in good shape.

Survival Knife

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Survival knives will be useful for a lot of tasks. From cutting to defending yourself at melee range, these knives will come in handy. Keep a variety of knives like a jungle bolo, a tactical knife, switchblades, or a regular fixed-blade knife.


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The zombie apocalypse survival flashlight is your only light source when the sun is down. It can also be used to send signals and morse codes at night. Use the flashlight wisely as zombies may be alerted of your presence. Or at least, that's what they say in the movies.

Fire Starters

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These fire starters are a must for any survival situation. Fire gives you warmth and protection from wild animals, but in this case, it can also protect you from zombies. You can buy fire starters for your zombie apocalypse kit. But how long will they last? To be safe, learn some fire starting techniques now!

First Aid Kit

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A first aid kit is a standard in any survival scenario. Secure these items in a waterproof bag or container so they're protected all the time from moisture and extreme weather. Also, make a habit to check the first aid kit occasionally so you can replace the expired items.

Survival Axe

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You can cut wood, rope, or even flesh better with an ax than a knife. Axes are handy and can be small enough without risking your mobility. Click HERE to get the Best Seller Fiskars Ax!


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Sooner or later, you're going to set up a camp somewhere. You need a portable, versatile material, which can put a roof above your head while you're on the run. Tarps are great for serving as makeshift tents. You'll love this sturdy multi-purpose tarp – Click HERE!


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Water can be scarce. It's essential to have a bottle or thermos to carry around potable drinking water everywhere you go. This water container should be light and durable. Click to shop for water bottles.

Paracord Survival Bracelet

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To set up a makeshift tent, you'll need a rope to secure the sides of the tarp to a tree or stakes. You might even find yourself in a high spot where you have to go down; so, you better have a paracord bracelet starting now! The apocalypse can be unpredictable, you know.

Preserved Food

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Just like water, the human body needs food to survive. It is essential you have plenty of food, preferably those which are dry and canned. You can't lug around fresh food while you're on the run. Besides, you would hardly have the time to make a decent, full meal.

Cooking Equipment

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Once you've found a place you can turn into a fortress, you can start having warm meals. You can even cook fresh food if there is still game left to hunt. Having the right cooking equipment will cut you a great deal of work! This complete cookware set is ideal for camping – click HERE to get your own!


Check out this awesome video about the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit from BudgetBugout:

Getting away from zombies is no easy task. Sooner or later, you have to find a place where you're safe from zombies. This place should have sustainable food and water supply as well. Make this your ultimate goal. At any rate, you should always be prepared for a zombie apocalypse or any similar situation for that matter.

Do you have something to add to this zombie apocalypse survival kit? Let us know by writing a comment below!

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