3 Places To Buy Guns Online, And A Few Tips To Help

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While your options may seem limited, we have ways. Find out where to buy guns online, how-to, and more buying tips here!

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Buy Guns Online with These Helpful Tips and Advice

Limited Options and Places to Buy Guns Online

We thought we'd put together a shortlist of places where people go to buy guns online to help combat the stupidity of Facebook. Granted, the thing was nice about Fakebook (no, I didn't miss-spell that), is the fact it was quick and easy to find local firearms for sale without having to order one.

But Flakebook (yeah, I meant to spell it that way) has shut it down for law-abiding citizens to trade online or buy used guns online, even though most of the time the laws are followed to the “T.” Again, this isn't meant to be an end-all list, and there are plenty of other places.

Please insert your favorite online gun seller in the comments section, for everyone to see.

1. Gun Broker


Everyone has heard of a Gun Broker. Usually, it is where I go when I need to check the price of a firearm before I buy at my local FFL (because I'd rather keep him in business).

But, even more than that, Gun Broker is an online auction where you can bid on guns and gear, or buy them outright.

Guns you buy are then shipped to a local FFL, where you fill out the proper paperwork to get your background check done. User experience is great and the website is easy to navigate.

2. Bud's Gun Shop

Bud's Guns is basically a huge online gun shop with pretty decent prices. You can browse their selection, buy, and have a gun shipped to your FFL.

As usual, the background checks are done, and there is no exception to this. User experience isn't so great because the site can be glitchy and is not easily navigable.

If you want advanced access to specific guns, you can buy a Team Bud's subscription for just under $30.00.

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3. Guns America

This website is set up so you can navigate easily to find what you're looking for. There is an option to buy via auction, as well as buying outright.

There are no fees associated with buying from Guns America, and you can take your pick of which sellers you'd like to work with. This way, once you have a positive experience, you can keep it up with the person, should you decide to.

More Smart Tips Before You Buy Guns Online

Sometimes, you just can't get a gun online. Make sure you check your local laws, to see if the gun you want to buy is even legal in your state.

Furthermore, some of these websites won't even sell you a gun if you live in an unfriendly gun state. That's just the way it is, and if you don't like it, you should move to a different state.

1. Hit a Local Gun Shop

If you decide buying a gun online is the best way to get one, go to a local shop, first, to see if you actually like the thing.

This way, you don't end up buying something you won't carry. On the bare minimum, you need to put the thing in your hands to see how it feels.

And, really, you should go to the range with it to see how it handles. Sometimes, this isn't an option but, you can always narrow a search down at a store.

Who knows if you like a gun while at the shop and you may get a deal on it. Tell the guy behind the counter you saw it listed online for a good price, and it raised your interest and figured you come down and see what his gun price was.

It can't hurt. Maybe he'll give you a better deal just to move it.

2. Window Shop

Finally, even though you may get a better deal on a gun from the internet, some FFL dealers will actually raise the price of the background check because you didn't buy it locally.

It's a good idea to shop around a bit, because you may get a better deal somewhere else. Some FFLs can barely pay the bills on the sale of guns, forcing them to rely on the transfer fee/background check to live.

Since you know where to buy guns online, better hit the play button on this video from Compulsion84 to show you how to buy a gun online:

Yes, these are hard times to buy guns online with the gun debate and all. But, there are ways around it–legal ways and means if you know where to go to.

These three places to buy guns online are a good start along with the buying tips and info you need to know before the purchase. Make a smart buy, y'all!

Sound off Gun Carriers! Where do you buy your guns online? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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