The 5 Best Pocket Sized Pistols Available

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December 27, 2023 / Comments (29)

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3. Sig Sauer P938

I'm currently carrying a Sig 938, and so far, I love it because I think it's one of the best carry pistols around. While expensive, it's a reliable gun that is also pleasant on the eyes.

Barrel length is 3 inches and the lightweight, 16 oz (empty) gun doesn't do anything to help aid in recoil management. But these guns are accurate at 15 yards.

This semi-automatic pistol is a blast to shoot. MSRP is $819, depending on your chosen model, but well worth the price. I'll be buying a Sig P938 by year's end, and a pocket holster to match.

Its smooth SAO trigger has a smooth trigger pull and crisp break. Plus, 6 rounds of 9mm caliber can only help matters.

It comes standard with SIGLIGHT night sights that glow brightly in the dark. As far as handguns go, the SIG Sauer P938 is a handgun through and through, a reliable piece that won't let you down.

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The 5 Best Pocket Sized Pistols Available

  1. steven burkholder says:

    No mention of the M&P Shield? Available in 9mm, .40 & .45?????

  2. Paul Franklin says:

    Have a SCCY CPX2 replaced the poly guide rod and 16# spring with stainless steel guide rod and 20# spring made all the difference in this weapon I was ready to junk it but spent the $37.00 thru it’s made by Galloway precision.

  3. Moose says:

    I’m sticking with my old school AMT Backup .380. I can always use my Walther PPK/S as an alternate or the P-64 Makarov 9mm.

  4. Kutter52 says:

    You really don’t like Tauras, do you?

  5. Al T says:

    safety on a ruger lc 9s??? what a useless reviewer.

  6. Galtha58 says:

    Sig P938 with the molded rubber grips and extended mag makes that pistol much easier to hold onto and control the recoil. Those nice looking wood grips seem worthless for controlling that small framed pistol.

  7. Carl NH says:

    The Taurus slim should be here instead of the sccy, it’s more accurate in my opinion

    1. Joao Assis says:

      Here in Brazil, taurus is the worst gun. A lot of incidents with injury to cops.

      1. Carl NH says:

        Well they are made in Brazil, are you saying it’s poor craftsmanship? Lol just kidding. I own a Taurus 709 slim and I have no problems at all with it. What kinds of problems are the police having?

        1. Joao Assis says:

          Maybe the Taurus for export have more control. However, the supplied to our officers, believe, are the worst. This is because we are in Sao Paulo, the largest metropolis of AL. Cases are of shots when they fall on the ground, firing failures, accidental shootings, with serious injuries to police offices. By the away, criminals are happy because they have Glock, AK 47 and others against bad Taurus gun.

          1. Joao Assis says:

            Search for brasilian Taurus incides at YouTube.

        2. Joao Assis says:

          Maybe the Taurus for export have more control. However, the supplied to our officers, believe, are the worst. This is because we are in Sao Paulo, the largest metropolis of al. cases are of shots when they fall on the ground, firing failures, accidental shootings, with serious injuries to police officers.

          1. Elmer Scott Nichols says:

            Then I take you don’t care for S&W either ?? Same damn gun !! S&W sold the patents for their handguns to Brazil . The difference is the name only. I Have several Taurus handguns. All are excellent !!!! You want a cheaper S&W, buy a Taurus !!!!!!

          2. Lewis Byron Chatellier Jr says:

            I thought taurus purchased the Barreta factory not S&W

          3. Elmer Scott Nichols says:

            When your at a gun store compare Taurus to the S&W handguns. Only difference is the Brand stamped on them. Have several Taurus hand guns and they are great at half the price !

  8. roadking2000 says:

    S&W M&P Shield/Bodyguard are my choices & I carry both

  9. Lewis Byron Chatellier Jr says:

    Kutter52 Im with you I have a Taurus PT111G2 LOVE IT… IMO find it way better then Sccy and it didnt even make the list… Price point is good shoots well and I have had 1 FTE out of 500+ rounds and that was due to shooter error… Sure Taurus had their issues but so has every other maker of a firearm has had their problems… New management new designs can make a big diffrence… If everyone would stop buying a firearm due to a issue at one point or another no one would ever buy another gun ANYTHING MADE CAN HAVE A LEMON.

    1. mark arringto says:

      Taurus is a piece of shit. In or out of country!

  10. Paul J. Doody Moragne says:

    What about the Kel Tech 9mm? It has a light albeit long trigger pull, but no feeding problems, no matter what I put through it. Even cheap Wolf steel case ammo. It has good sights and is accurate. I have the optional belt clip on mine, so I just slip it into my front pocket with the belt clip hooked to the outside of my pocket and put on a long t-shirt or tank top and no one knows I’m carrying. It also has a 7 round magazine and handles +p with no problems.

  11. Bill Beagle says:

    Have one and Love it!

  12. Elmer Scott Nichols says:

    Have a Ruger LC9s. Best carry gun I have found !! 9mm about the same size as a 380. Excellent gun I would put up against any of the overpriced Kahn, Beretta, and Sig at a great price !!!!!!! Highly recommended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dean Gilbert says:

    I carry my Taurus 111 G-2 almost every day. Best 9mm for the money in a compact. (IMO) I also carry a Bersa Thunder in .380. Another great little pistol. Never had any problems with it in over 1000 rounds.
    Everything I’ve read that this writer has put out, he always leaves out any gun that Taurus makes. He really must dislike Taurus for some reason.
    IMO again, I think this Joao Assis is a troll. He is so full of it. If the Police in Brazil are having so many issues with the Taurus, they would have switched manufacturers long ago. No Police Force is going to keep putting their officers at risk with a faulty weapon.

  14. drscot says:

    I noticed your last two “pocket pistol” articles skipped the North American Arms
    .32 NAA. Mind you, I didn’t like it stock due to PAINFUL recoil, but after a free rework from N. Amer it is oh so sweet!. Did change grips at my expense however. Stainless steel, VERY well built and slips in a back pocket holster. Every round hit a 6″ gong at 10 yards. Good enough. 7 round capacity of the not hard to find .32 NAA ammo with ballistics superior to a .380 +P. It has become my carry gun. For those not familiar with the “NAA” it is NOT the same as a .32 ACP. Necked down .380 case with a .32 bullet. Hot round. I love it and I have a safe full of choices. North American Arms was SUPERB! Covered all shipping and smithing. Couldn’t be happier with this little gem now. Read reviews from others who got rid of theirs because of the painful recoil (yes, it really was that bad, so count on sending it in if you get one), when all they had to do was contact NAA for a painless remedy. Mine went from a 12-15 lb trigger pull to an 8 lb pull after the work by “Wayne”. For a true pocket pistol this one can’t be beat in my opinion.

  15. David Dossett says:

    The Taurus 740 slim is an excellent pistal for consealed carry. Also damn accurate.
    Taurus also has a .380 that is even better for concealment.

  16. Mikial says:

    I’m sure some of you will flame me for this, but I carry a Kel Tec PF9 when I have to be in deep concealment and it works great. It takes some practice to be accurate with the DAO trigger, but it’s reliable and puts the rounds on target. It’s light and carries 7+1 with no worry about a safety, and fits easily into a pocket in a pocket holster that covers the trigger.

  17. Bitter-clinging Deplorable says:

    I love my P938. Just an awesome weapon. Paired with a Barsony leather pocket holster, you can carry it in Condition 1 with no issues.

  18. YONG HUR says:

    I like to order online shopping.

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