5 Black Friday Shopping Tips For The Outdoorsman

5 Black Friday Shopping Tips For The Outdoorsman

So the biggest gun-shopping season is literally right around the corner. As of this writing, Thanksgiving is tomorrow. This means that, just less than one day after Americans give thanks for what they have, they rush to Walmart to beat the snot out of the person trying to take their precious, big screen TV.
While there is a chance that gun sales could be down from last year, people will still undoubtedly be going to the gun-store to buy their favorite guns. I know my eyes are peeled, ever on the lookout.

Though, I tend to shy away from large crowds of people and can't handle the insanity of Black Friday shopping, there are a few goodies I'm eyeballing.
I've been to a Cabela's before on Black Friday and can say that it was insane. Here are a few tips I've got for you, if you decide to test the waters for good deals. It should hopefully go without saying that the Cabela's shoppers were pleasant and didn't try to rip products out of my hands. Here's a short video of some Walmart Hysteria:

Know before you go:

You should have some kind of idea what you're looking for before you head out. Try to figure out what you're going to the store for. Is it a gun safe like I was looking for last year? They had an awesome sale on one, but I ended up not getting it for reasons stated below.

If it's a gun, be prepared to wait:

Everyone and their mother will be buying a gun on Black Friday, or so it would seem. I can't say how it works in other states, but the system gets bogged down on high buy days in Pennsylvania. There was one time a few years ago where the background check phone lines were giving a busy signal because of the sheer amount of people calling in at once. I ended up leaving the gun show I was at without the tactical shotgun I was eyeballing.

Know where it's located:

Just because Cabela's, Dick's, Bass Pro, and similar store goers are more pleasant than Walmart shoppers doesn't mean those folks aren't moving as quickly as they can to get the deals they want. If you have a general idea of where the product you're looking for is located, you'll have a better chance at scoring the deal than someone who is clueless.

Prepare for changes:

A lot of stores stick pallets of items in the middle of isles, meaning that just because you know where a product is usually located, doesn't mean that it'll be where you thought it was going to be on a crazy shopping day like Black Friday.

Prepare for long lines:

The time I went to Cabela's on Black Friday, I spoke to people in the front of the line to see how long they were standing there. The average time was about 45 minutes. You have to decide if that's too long for you to score good deals. Now that line was moving, but it was too long for me to stand still. If you ask when you first get there, you'll be able to figure out if it's worth actually shopping.
When I found out that the lines were that long, I left with nothing to show for it because I'm not standing in line that long. Not when I've got a lot of other stuff going on. I bought a different safe that wasn't as cheap. My sanity is priceless though, and worth the extra bucks being spent.

There you have it. This is what I've learned from my very limited time of shopping Black Friday deals at big-box retailers. In all honesty, you may be better suited to go to your local gun shop to see what they've got going on. You never know, you may just score something awesome.
Finally, those tips don't just apply to outdoor stores. If you feel brave, you can use these tips anywhere. Have you ever gone Black Friday shopping before? Let us know in the comments. Then, make sure you like our Facebook page.

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