The 5-LB Kimber Rifles – The Kimber Montana

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February 27, 2017 / Comments (1)

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For hunters, having a heavy load for trekking leaves great risk for their safety and survival. To reduce that risk, carrying lightweight rifles are the recommended choice to help lighten up the load on a heavy trek. Today we look at what the folks at Kimber Rifles who are known for making lightweight, quality rifles, showcase another quality piece to their product line that could just be the right rifle for you, the Kimber Montana!

The 5-LB Kimber Rifles – The Kimber Montana

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ArmslistMedia reviews the Kimber Montana .243 Win rifle. This Kimber rifle is available in short or long action and a variety of calibrations shooting different ammunition suited for the game you're hunting. Kimber is more popularly known for their .45 caliber pistols but they're also great for making hunting rifles. Check out why in this video review!

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The 5lb Kimber Rifles - the montana's stock is synthetic which weighs significantly less than a wooden one making this rifle ultra light.

The Montana is light and short with a 22″ stainless steel barrel. Its stock is synthetic which weighs less than a wooden one making this rifle ultra light. The total weight of this rifle is just a little over 5 lbs! If your spot needs a lot of trekking, this could be the hunting rifle for you!

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The Kimber Montana definitely lives up to being a dependable lightweight rifle that helps reduce the hunter's worries when it comes to running or trekking with them. Although higher in the price ranges in the rifle game, it more than makes up for it with the reliability and dependability that it has that every hunter would ever need from a rifle.

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