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May 20, 2015 / Comments (7)


When you’re looking to build an EDC kit, space is a major concern.  You want to fit as much as you can in as small a space as possible.  Something that’s too bulky for you to carry everyday kind of defeats the purpose of an everyday carry kit.

Mini Survival Kit For Your Pocket

So, how small can you get?  Pretty dang small.

Check out this video on how to make a survival kit that will fit in an Altoids tin.

A survival kit is more often associated with bug out bags than any other type of kit. This is due to the fact that a backpack can hold a lot of items essential in surviving 3 days out in the wilderness or wherever you consider a safe haven in case of emergencies or SHTF situations. Like we always say, you never know when the day will come.

Having a bug out bag is highly recommended but it’s not easy carrying a 72-hour kit on your back day in and day out. These days you also need to be practical and use something smaller and more portable. Plus bringing a BOB everyday everywhere will make people think you are an odd person. Not to mention getting suspicious looks from law enforcement officers. For sure you do not want people to think you have some explosives in your backpack.


The best way to bring along all your essential survival items without the heavy load or the funny looks is to keep a mini or pocket survival kit. Your Altoids tin lying around at home can become a survival kit. When you have a tin like this in your pocket, you can be sure that when caught in an emergency, there are items that could save your life.

A bug out bag at home that can be grabbed quickly and an Altoids kit for regular days would make life a lot easier for the prepper.

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7 Responses to :
Altoids Survival Kit | Survival Tips

  1. d-_-b says:

    here is a tip for the lighter. get one made of white or clear plastic so you can see the fluid level.

  2. duggy_dugg says:

    excellent ..wonder if a space blanket would fit in a second altoid tin ..say to keep in the car ..

  3. STEVE SANSOM says:

    A five dollar bill will fold flat for emergency money. A true reflective square will glue flat on bottom of tin for signaling. And mine has several feet of electrical tape around lid to reuse

  4. Rick says:

    Nails can be used as gorge hooks, two razor blades if they have the holes in the middle can be turned into survival arrow heads, a tube of vasaline based lip balm and a cotton ball ( I have in mine) make nice wet fire tinder, the candle if you soften the paraffin and roll a small piece into a ball can be used as a temporary filling in a tooth ( as well as pine pitch)

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