How Long Will the Ammo Shortage Last?

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Any shooter who has visited a local gun shop in the past year likely knows how difficult it is to purchase gun ammo. Here's what we think caused the current ammo shortage, how long it will last, and what shooters can do in the meantime.

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What Shooters Should Know About the 2023 Ammo Shortage

Why Is There an Ammo Shortage?

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The current shortage of ammunition brought forth several sociopolitical theories on how the government hoards all the ammunition in the country for their personal gains. Many let their political beliefs cloud their judgment on the issue—which is never a pretty sight.

So, where did all the ammo go? This is not the first time we saw a shortage of ammunition, but this might be the first major, long-running shortage of various ammo types and models.

The shortage generally stemmed from the recent pandemic, which brought about riots and civil unrest. People wanted guns for protection. In fact, statistics show that the number of new gun owners in 2020 grew by more than five million.

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What Do Manufacturers Have To Say About the Shortage?

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Every gun and ammunition manufacturer will say that they are working overtime to address the current shortage. And the increased production numbers can attest to these statements.

We all want the shortage to end. However, the demand for these products has skyrocketed to the point that major manufacturers will have to double or triple their production over the span of several months to normalize the supply-demand ratio.

When Will the Ammo Shortage End?

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Unfortunately, most gun experts do not see manufacturers catching up to the market's demand for ammo. So you can expect the ammo shortage this 2023 to last a few more months—or even years. In the meantime, save whatever ammunition you have left and explore alternative weapons to use for self-defense.

Also, you might want to skip hunting trips until ammo supplies return to normal. Although, if you know how to go hunting with a knife and bow and arrow, then by all means, push through with that trip.

Will Work for Ammo Flag!

Check out this video by Colion Noir wherein they feature the president of Nosler, a major ammunition manufacturer in the U.S., and ask about his thoughts on the current ammo shortage:

While several factors come into play, the most probable cause of the current ammo shortage is the increase in demand due to the recent pandemic. We can safely debunk any conspiracy theory revolving around the possibility of the government hoarding ammunition to build a secret army or cause civil unrest. Please avoid these types of fake information, especially on vital issues.

Also, bear in mind that hoarding ammunition for personal gain will only delay any chances that the industry has of recovering the shortage of ammunition. The market will not catch up with the public's demand if you withhold even a minuscule portion of the supply.

Do not disrupt the supply-demand chain if you want the shortage to end soon.

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How long do you think this ammo shortage will last? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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How Long Will the Ammo Shortage Last

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14 Responses to :
How Long Will the Ammo Shortage Last?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I cant order anthing my card has been changed and I have a different No# and ccv

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not only ammunition is in short supply, reloading components especially primers and powder are almost impossible to find or to afford. As a shooter and reloader I am almost out of much of my supplies. Some primers which in the past cost three cents ea. I have seen go for as much as fifty to eighty cents each, crazy!!!

  3. Jim keppel says:

    The shortage will last into next year. When it is readily available again the damn gun hating bastards like Joe Biden will tax the hell out of it. Never had an ammo shortage under President Trump.

  4. Lawrence Deans says:

    The shortage will, likely, last as long as the Lefties are in power.

  5. Randy says:

    I found 380 and 9mm bullets on the Internet.

  6. JZ says:

    The ammo shortage will continue along the same path as long as these clowns in DC keep pushing communism.

  7. Anonymous says:

    there is NO ammo shortage there never was you can buy all the ammo you want FROM THE GODAMN SCALPERS ON THE INTERNET THE GREEDY BASTARD’S

    1. Anonymous says:

      you can buy thousand’s and thounds of rounds of ammo the dirty basterds are charging 3 times what its worth but there is truck loads available

    2. don hargis says:

      I agree with everything you say, with exception of using the Lord’s name in vain. Anyway to hell with those greedy bastard scalpers and the piles of shit we have in Washington. A proud deplorable and Trumpster.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Price is determined by demand and supply. Why is this difficult to understand?

      Don’t buy if the price is too high for you. I am sure someone who needs/wants it more than you will purchase it instead. Or get that second job so you can afford your purchases.

      Btw, I am NOT a scalper and don’t use their services. I have some problems finding ammo too so I just buy less and am careful with using up what I have.

  8. Tim Toroian says:

    This may sound perverse but to me, it is a good sign if it lasts a while, it would mean people are still buying ammo.

  9. Edward F Pierson says:

    One thing you didnt discuss was price. I would like to know who is jacking up the price, the manufacter of the retailers.

  10. Howard Holder says:

    Sounds like some more liberal bs to me

  11. Chris Stahler says:

    This shortage is caused by the government under the senile Biden. We had a 22 shortage under the Kenyan Obama, as soon as we got a real legal President the shortage went away. Now we have another shortage under yet another USA hating administration. Cut the political correct statements and face the truth.

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