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January 11, 2023 / Comments (2)

Weekly Recap

1. 11 Types of Guns That Will Keep You Alive On Doomsday

Do you know which types of guns you need for the end of days? Read on and check out the guns that will help you come out alive when doomsday comes! You can stock up your armory, basement, or bunker with all types of rifles and handguns, but there’s no guarantee all of them are going to keep you alive… Click to read more

2. Top 5 Reflex Sights For Your Pistol

How useful are reflector sights for your firearm? Also known as “red dot reflex” sights, these sights are becoming more and more prominent as a real option for quick target acquisition. Before the birth of modern fighter jets, aircraft gunners relied on reflector sights to improve their aim.

Pistol Reflector Sights Feature

Today, the same visual technology is used in firearms with an enhanced capability that benefits the shooter… Click to read more

3. Concealed Carry Wardrobe Tips

Concealed carry is a good way to ensure you are armed and ready to defend yourself, with no one the wiser. Your choice of wardrobe is an essential part of carrying a firearm for concealed carry. Having the necessary knowledge of firearms, gun concealment, and self-defense is a field in which Massad Ayoob is good at.

He’s not a fashion expert, but he sure knows how to carry a concealed weapon. Massad can always tell if you’re going to expose a concealed carry gun with the clothes you’re wearing. Watch the video and learn about concealed carry wardrobe tips from Massad himself… Click to read more

4. Modern Revolvers | Top 5 Wheel Guns Today

Despite the craze over semi-automatic handguns, modern revolvers still assert their presence. The classic wheel-gun is an iconic weapon with a solid place in the world of firearms.

Wheel Guns Modern Revolvers Feature

The more tactically-inclined gun enthusiasts, whose understandings about firearms have been influenced by modern military experience and shooting competitions, might say wheel-guns are becoming obsolete… Click to read more

5. Shooting with Both Eyes Open | Shooting Tips and Tricks

Shooting Tips and Tricks Shooting with Both Eyes Open Feature
Have you ever tried shooting with both eyes open? If you think shooting with one eye closed makes it easier for you to aim your target, think again. In an ideal world, we would have been taught from day one to shoot with both eyes open, but instead, we’ve mainly succumbed to our younger selves’ reaction to squint with one eye… Click to read more

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