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August 25, 2018 / Comments (4)

Weekly Recap

1. A Woman’s Response To Concealed Carry Advice

gun handgun holster pistol concealed carry advice px Feature
Every time a woman asks for a concealed carry advice, a few suggestions pop up rather predictably. I don’t like many of them. Here’s why, plus bonus concealed carry tips for beginners and concealed carry do’s and don’ts! Click to read more

2. Home Defense Handgun Know-How

glock gun pistol handgun weapon home defense handgun pb feature
No matter how expert-level a person feels he is when it comes to using a home defense handgun, he may still need to develop additional skills in order to properly use a handgun for self-defense… Click to read more

3. 8 Options for Your Child’s First Firearm | Children & Guns

Childs First Firearm Children Guns Feature
What are your thoughts about children & guns? Do you think about how to explain guns to a child? It is always best to have your kids interested in guns at an early age. Having your child shooting and hunting early is the best way to have them learn and instill gun safety information. The guns listed below can run from $150 to $350 may be a bit more but most fall in the $200+ ranger and it is not terribly expensive to get your child involved in the gun community. Get out there a teach your kid how to shoot correctly, safely and just have some fun… Click to read more

4. Secret Reports Exonerate Guns in School Shooter Creation

school shooter Feature
Bombshell behind-the-scenes information shows why the FBI failed in the Parkland shooting case. Secret DHS and FBI reports reveal the true origin and cause of the school shooter creation. Hollywood and Washington, D.C. are to blame for the rise of the school shooter – not the gun… Click to read more

5. The Pros & Cons Of Carry Pistol Lights

carry pistols lights pistol lights feature
Are carry pistol lights worth mounting on your gun? Handguns do really look badass with it, so let’s find out how this piece of equipment will work or not work for a regular gun owner… Click to read more

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