Survival Gift Guide: 9 Christmas Gifts For Preppers

Feature | Survival Gift Guide: 9 Christmas Gifts For Preppers | gifts for doomsday preppers

If you're looking for the most awesome Christmas gifts for preppers this holiday season, check out these cool ideas!

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Awesome Christmas Gifts for Preppers and Survivalists

Prepper Gift Ideas This Christmas

I don't know about you guys, but it's hard for me to believe that Christmas is already right around the corner. It seems like yesterday when it was still 100 degrees outside.

Time quickly flies especially this time of year. There's no time to lose when it comes to shopping for Christmas—it will be here before you know it!

So if you've got a prepper in the family, take some time to look at these Christmas gifts for survivalists below.

1. HyBeam Flashlight

In any life-threatening situation, one of the most important tools to have is a flashlight. A prepper knows better than to leave home without it.

HyBeam Flashlight | Survival Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for Preppers | gifts for doomsday preppers
The HyBeam Flashlight makes an excellent gift due to its super bright CREE bulb and waterproof and shockproof aluminum body.

Not only is it bright and tough, but it also has the perfect size for preppers to bring it anywhere conveniently.

2. The Stutz Monogrammed Wallet

Micro-wallets are safer and more secure than your average bulky wallet. Not only that, the Stutz monogrammed wallet is made of buffalo leather—the toughest leather on the planet.

The Stutz Monogrammed Wallet | Survival Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for Preppers | gifts for doomsday preppers

Stutz “Micro-Wallet” Photo by Survival Life

Plus, who doesn't want a nice new wallet with a class of its own?

3. Hoffman-Richter Wolf Fixed Blade Survival Knife

The titanium-coated razor-sharp steel blade knife has an unbreakable 4-inch long full tang blade. It comes with a sheath and a lifetime guarantee.

What Is Full Tang? It is a one-piece knife with two handle pieces on each side. The knife, therefore, is pinned between the handle.

The WOLF will quickly become a prepper's new favorite knife.

4. The Mini EDT

The Mini EDT is a perfect addition to a prepper's collection of survival equipment. You can easily store it in your bug-out bag, in your pockets, or in your keychain.

The Mini EDT | Survival Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for Preppers | gifts for doomsday preppers
Keeping a multi-tool in your everyday carry makes it convenient to finish some quick tasks.

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5. Rechargeable Headlamp

Having a good and reliable headlamp makes it easier to administer first aid, or fix something that needs both of your hands. I'm pretty sure you don't want to hold a flashlight in your mouth.

A rechargeable headlamp is an awesome Christmas gift that every prepper and survivalist will love.

6. Matador Pocket Blanket

The Matador Pocket Blanket is a great gift for preppers who love the outdoors. They can use this on various trips to the beach, forest, festivals, and even when doing yoga.

Matador Pocket Blanket | Survival Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for Preppers | gifts for doomsday preppers

Matador Pocket Blanket, Picnic/Beach Blanket Old Version Photo by Amazon

Its miniature size makes it easy to store in a purse or pocket. Further, this blanket is water-repellant, which means it will keep preppers dry and comfortable when needed.

7. Paracord

No prepper gear is complete without a paracord. Paracords offer a near-endless use every prepper will absolutely want in their bug-out bag.

Paracord | Survival Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts for Preppers | gifts for doomsday preppers

Paracord Projects For Preppers Photo by Survival Life

It is a versatile tool that can withstand any challenges the great outdoors may bring.

Make sure you choose seven inner yarns instead of five to get higher strength. You can also pick any color you like.

8. SOLA Solar Battery Charger

This gift is great for both preppers and non-preppers. It is important to have a solar battery charger, so you can still use some of your gadgets in the event the grid goes down.


The SOLA Solar Battery Charger has a current flow meter analysis. It accepts both NiCad and NiMH Batteries and can charge “AA”, “AAA”, “C”, “D”, and Prismatic (Gum) Batteries simultaneously.

9. Emergency Food Rations

An empty stomach can hinder your ability to think clearly, which is a must in a survival situation. This is why emergency food rations are mainstays in every survival pack.

What makes these rations different is they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that increase the survival chances of a prepper.

This is critical when the food source is scarce. Emergency food rations can last up to five years making it a good investment.

Looking for more Christmas gifts for preppers? Watch this video from Off Grid Nation and get more gift ideas that will not cost an arm and a leg:

Christmas is fast approaching and most of us are already done creating a shopping list. If you have a prepper friend or relative, we hope these Christmas gift ideas will be a big help in narrowing down your choices.

We're sure every prepper will truly appreciate these gifts and will use them in no time!

Do you know other great Christmas gifts for preppers? Share it with us in the comments section below! 

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