5 Best Firearms Of The Decade

5 Best Firearms Of The Decade

Are you planning to purchase a firearm soon because of everything that's going on? Here's a list of the best firearms of the decade to make sure every penny you spend is worth it!

Best Firearms That's Bang for Your Buck

The last 10 years have been an interesting decade in terms of gun design and development.

With more people than ever before getting into firearms, and even purchasing their own guns for the first time (especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent riots), we thought it prudent to discuss the best firearms to come out of top brands relatively recently.

While advances in design will undoubtedly wow us later, for now, these are some of the highlights for both beginners and more experienced shooters alike.

1. Silencerco Maxim 9


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Some might find this initial pick strange, but we think there’s no denying that this advanced pistol has changed the game.

It’s the first-ever commercially available 9 mm pistol that features an integral suppressor, but it's also easy to use and can fit with conventional holsters.

While it looks like something out of a sci-fi flick, it’s capable, quiet, and one of the best sidearms to have come to market in the past 10 years.

The excellent grip and crisp trigger make it even better. The price tag will keep this gun out of the hands of all but the most dedicated buyers, however.

2. Sig Sauer P320

This is one of the most versatile handguns to come out of the market in the past 10 years.

It’s adaptable and versatile, and it features a removable trigger assembly that you can swap out for a customized trigger if you have some experience gunsmithing your own weapons.

This staple American military sidearm comes with a removable back strap for the grip, easy to reach slides and safeties, and a durable frame that will ensure it lasts through significant use without declining in performance whatsoever.

It can even work well as a concealed carry pistol!

3. Ruger American


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The Ruger American may not be a particularly fancy choice for one of the best guns of the decade, but this affordable hunting rifle combines several accuracy-enhancing elements with superb manufacturing techniques.

It’s a three-lug bolt action rifle that comes with a special bedding system that ensures the receiver in stock locks together quite nicely.

It comes with a great trigger and factory barrel out of the box, plus an especially smooth running action.

This deer rife is one of the best, bar none, and should be combined with the quality optic so you can get the most bang for your (pun intended) buck.

4. Glock MOS

Glock joins this list with its innovative and adaptable MOS pistol, which stands for Modular Optic System.

This was first introduced in 2015, and early adopters saw that the pistol can work with even extremely miniature red dot sights.

As a result, this pistol is a capable sidearm perfect for self-defense, finishing off certain types of wounded game, and as a tactical pistol for close quarters operations for military personnel.

A textured grip, crisp trigger, and the signature Glock durability all combine to create a top-tier pistol for a wide range of activities and experience levels.

5. Winchester SX4


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A shotgun? As one of the best guns of the decade? Absolutely.

While this shotgun doesn’t look as sleek as some of the other models you can find, it's a top-tier piece of equipment.

While it has oversized controls, such as a big safety and bold release, this makes it perfect for hunting expeditions when your fingers are numb or when you’re escorting a new hunter into the field for the first time.

It’s also more nimble than you might think, and you can purchase it in either 12 or 20-gauge depending on your preferences.

As a multipurpose shotgun, it’s a great example of this decade’s firearm manufacturing for its versatility and ease-of-use.

When it comes to choosing the best firearms for you, nothing beats holding the gun and testing it out.

Bear in mind that this gun will be your best buddy in emergency situations so you must choose wisely.

Which of these firearms do you like the most and why? Let us know in the comments section!

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