Top 10 Best Glocks for Concealed Carry 2021

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Glock remains a household name in the gun world, and especially in the realm of concealed carry weapons for a variety of reasons: Rock-solid reliability, a reasonable price, and wide availability of parts and holsters.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Glocks for concealed carry you can never go wrong with.

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10 Best Glocks For Concealed Carry To Swear By In 2021

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Black Semi Automatic Pistol on Brown Textile | Top 10 Best Glocks for Concealed Carry 2021

1. Glock 43 (G43)

Glock 43 | Top 10 Best Glocks for Concealed Carry 2021

The G43 is the ultimate conceal carry for the 9mm caliber. It’s so small, you can even pocket carry it if you can pull it off.

Despite its compact size, it retains the versatility in ammunition that’s absent in its pickier cousins like the Glock 42. If a combination of compact size and rock-solid reliability matters to you, and you don’t have particularly large hands, the G43 is the right one for you.

2. Glock 43X (G43X)

With its subcompact slide and compact-size grip, the G43X values comfort more than anything else. This makes it a viable option for someone with large hands that a profile closer to the subcompact category.

It still has a decent capacity of 10 rounds, but note that it uses a non-standard magazine, which means you can’t use higher-capacity magazines with the 43x. Still, the best Glock for concealed carry if ergonomics is what you seek.

3. Glock 26 (G26) Gen 5

When you require a deeper firearm concealment, the G26, also known as the “Baby Glock”, is for you. The G26 is so light and compact, you can slip it under your waistband and forget it’s even there.

Despite its size, it still supports double-stacked Glock magazines. Out of the box, it supports 10 round magazines, with the option to use other double-stacked Glock 9mm magazines if you need the extra capacity.

Being such a small gun, you may run into a few compromises, like a shorter grip. If you have large hands, make sure to try them out first to see if you can make the tradeoff between concealability and comfort.

4. Glock 48 (G48)

G48s are essentially a single stack version of the G19 meant for those who love the latter, but have smaller hands or need less weight on their holster. They’re actually reminiscent of the classic 1911s, so if you love that classic shape, you will love the G48.

The nearly full-size grip makes it an utter joy to use, and the long slide makes it feel more substantial than other compacts.

5. Glock 19 (G19) Gen 5

When someone says Glocks, chances are they mean the iconic Glock 19 (G19). The Gen 5 design marks the return of the G19 back to its roots, choosing to do away with the finger grooves present in Gen 3 and Gen 4’s grip in favor of some side grooves on the slide reminiscent of early G19 models.

Southpaw shooters can now also rejoice with its reversible magazine release, allowing you to avoid the pitfalls of ambidextrous gun configurations like unintentional presses to the release.

Its all-around consistent performance and 15-round capacity make it the choice gun for someone’s first foray into concealed carry while also being versatile enough to use in open carry situations.

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6. Glock 27 (G27)

Are you more comfortable using a .40 Smith & Wesson (S&W) over a 9mm, but require a smaller gun? Look no further than the G27.

The G27 is the subcompact version of Glock 22, a pistol popular with military and law enforcement due to the FBI’s adoption of the latter. It’s the best Glock for concealed carry if you require a bit more horsepower than the 9mm options, but can handle a bit more recoil in return.

7. Glock 30 (G30)

More advanced shooters who take .45 calibers like a champ should consider the G30 for their concealed carry. Size-wise, it falls between the G26 and G19, making it one of the best subcompact double-stack .45 calibers in the market.

While most .45 caliber pistols are notorious for their heavy recoil, the G30 has less recoil than one would expect for a gun its size. Talk about big gun power in a small package.

8. Glock 36 (G36)

The G36 is the single-stacked equivalent to the G30. At only 28mm thick, it’s the thinnest, slimmest .45 caliber Glock, but at the same time, also has the most ergonomic design of any subcompact we’ve tried.

While not the most accurate Glock pistol there is (that would go to the Glock 42), it’s the one with the most stopping power.

9. Glock 42 (G42)

Tipping the scales at 16oz when loaded, the single-stack G42 is the smallest and lightest of the bunch. It holds 6 rounds, which is par for the course with single-stack pistols.

Don’t underestimate its size and capacity, though – where the G42 lacks in raw power more than makes up for in controllability and discretion. It’s a weapon of choice for people who recognize the value of an accurate shot over ammunition size.

10. Glock 29 (G29)

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For those who want the punch of a 10mm in a small form factor, check out the G29. Even for its power, it’s a surprisingly easy-to-shoot handgun and leaves very little fatigue even after using it for long periods.

10mm caliber guns can seem intimidating and do require a bit of a learning curve, especially if you haven’t handled one before. If you’re willing to take the plunge and work with its quirks, the G29 rewards you handsomely with its sheer power.

Glocks remain the top brand of choice for gun owners if they’re looking to add to their concealed carry holster. Depending on your skill and concealment needs, there’s one Glock for everyone.

Just remember, like with anything you plan on adding to your EDC, to try before you buy.

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What guns are in your EDC right now? Share your current setup in the comments section below!

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