5 Best Handguns To Carry Daily | Mid-Size Edition

Best Handguns To Carry Daily Mid-Size Edition

There's no way you can predict what will happen to you every day. This is why bringing a concealed carry gun may just save your life. Here are the best handguns to carry that you can choose from.

Best Handguns to Carry for Everyday

Choosing a sidearm to take with you on your daily errands or to keep on your person when you head downtown or through a bad neighborhood is a big choice.

After all, you want something reliable and easy to reach, but also something that’s small enough to fit inside a typical concealed carry holster, purse, or pocket.

Yet, you don’t want to compromise on the capacity or stopping power, either. Decisions, decisions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of guns for daily carry needs that are midsized.

This means they won’t be too small to large for your purposes, blurring both power/performance and compact size.

Let’s take a look at some of the best mid-sized firearms for daily carry.

1. Glock 19 Gen 5


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We love most of what Glock puts out, and this durable pistol is a great daily carry gun chambered for 9 mm.

Even better, it works for both left or right-handed shooters, and it features an improved trigger that everyone will appreciate.

With a barrel just over 4 inches in length, it’s great for self-defense or shooting at the range and it weighs almost 24 ounces on empty, so it’s not too heavy for your hips, either.

It’s also a great choice since it’s so reliable and can be combined with a wide variety of accessories, holsters, and aftermarket upgrades.

2. Rock Island Armory M200

Rock Island Armory M200 | Top Mid-Size Guns for Daily Carry

M200 – 38 Special image by Armscor International/Rock Island

This pistol may not be as well-known as many of the others.

But it’s a quality revolver with a rubber covered grip and a blued finish to ensure long-term reliability.

We also like that it can be fired in either double or single action and it’s chambered for .38 special rounds: a good choice for self-defense.

While it doesn’t have an adjustable rear sight, it does have a smooth trigger pull at 6 pounds and produces very little recoil, making it a good choice for those without a lot of practice.

3. Beretta APX Compact

Beretta APX Compact | Top Mid-Size Guns for Daily Carry

APX Compact image by Beretta USA

This weapon is indeed compact, but it’ll also serve you well as a great daily carry pistol since it has either a 13+1 capacity for 9 mm or 10+1 capacity for .40 S&W depending on your preferences.

With a barrel just under 4 inches and an overall length of just under 7 inches, it’s neither too heavy nor too bulky to fit into many smaller holsters or pockets.

The slide features huge serrations that make drawing it back quick and easy.

The included Picatinny rail will allow you to place a light or laser on top for added accuracy and a little bit of personal customization.

4. Ruger American Compact

Ruger American Compact | Top Mid-Size Guns for Daily Carry

Model 8683 Compact 9mm image by Ruger

This quality pistol is chambered for 9 mm and boasts a whopping 17+1 capacity overall, even with its relatively small frame.

The barrel is just over 3.5 inches long, and it can tuck into either inside the waistband (IWB) holsters or work as a daily, open-carry pistol.

The pistol comes with three-dot sights by default, plus a rear notch that will ensure fast target acquisition and alignment even without additional upgrades or tinkering. It’s one of the best carry pistols out of the box.

5. Sig Sauer P320 XCompact


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The list wouldn’t be complete without an offering from Sig Sauer.

This model is only a little smaller than the military issue P320, and it has the same 15 round magazine as that model.

It also comes with proprietary optics from Sig Sauer called “Romeo” red dots – these are great for most users.

The trigger is a flat face model and offers a crisp pull, and we especially like the texturing on the grip, which is comfortable without being too sweat-inducing or rough on the palms.

Many veterans will likely find this pistol familiar and effective.

Final Decision

So what's the best mid-sized handgun to carry? The final decision is yours.

We do suggest that you test out the guns if possible, maybe a friend owns one.

It is vital that you're comfortable with the gun so you'll find it easier to master.

When it comes to quality, everything from this list of best handguns to carry won't disappoint.

So, which handgun do you think you're getting? Tell us why in the comments section!

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18 Responses to :
5 Best Handguns To Carry Daily | Mid-Size Edition

  1. Lou says:

    CZ75 compact

    1. Michael Cappetto says:

      Lou – I love mine. I carry it OWB in a Craft leather holster. It is a little on the heavy side but with my Bigfoot belt and Craft holster, it i isn’t too bad. It is certainly a well made firearm. 😁

  2. Phil East says:

    My (most of the time) EDC is the Sig P365 as I live in S. Florida and am usually in a t-shirt and shorts and a micro compact with 12 rounds in an AIWB holster is the best option. But in the winter months when I can wear a sweatshirt or windbreaker then I’m all about my Sig P320 X-Compact. For a small to mid-size pistol they don’t come any better. And I can’t believe how well it shoots and groups for a pistol with a 3.6” barrel.

  3. Bob Parzych says:

    The pistol that works best for me is the full size Ruger American 9mm with a Burris Fastfire sight. This gun with the large back strap just works awesome.

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