British Muslims Plotting Against US Military

July 21, 2015 / Comments (23)


On Tuesday, two British Muslims were charged with plotting an attack against US military personnel in the UK.  Junead Ahmed Khan and Shazib Ahmed Khan appear to have planned an attack for sometime between May 10 and July 14, which thankfully never occurred.  They also had plans to go to Syria and join ISIS.

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Sky News reported that the men were arrested a week ago in a joint operation between Bedfordshire Police and the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorist Command Unit and that armed police were involved in one of the arrests. Police say searches were carried out at two addresses in the Luton area as part of the operation which forms part of an ongoing investigation into Islamist-related terrorism.

These are dangerous times.  What are you doing to prepare for a terrorist attack?  Let us know in the comments and stay safe out there!

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23 Responses to :
British Muslims Plotting Against US Military

  1. Pamela says:

    what I am doing in these dangerous times and times of economic collapse; guns, ammo, water, food, booby traps, secret meetings, safe haven sites, communication set ups, staying in the Word, Prayer, spreading the Word of Salvation, giving assistance to those in need…..

    1. simmss says:

      At this stage of the game under this leadership (?), just keep trusting in God. I know how hard it is when the events swirling around us seem unreal.

  2. Ron says:

    “armed police were involved in one of the arrests” Please tell me that when the British police attempt to apprehend individuals conspiring in armed attacks on anyone that the police do not arm themselves at all times???

    1. Stephen says:

      Ordinary UK police don’t carry guns. Some carry tasers. The ones that do carry guns are part of specialist trained armed response units. The UK has a very different culture & attitude towards firearms than america.

  3. Tumbleweed says:

    Eliminate the sand rats!

  4. Patriot( retired Navy) says:

    The Brits should do what Norway did and deport them as fast as the system can handle, Islam is a violence based cult, I know that some claim to be moderate but that is taqya towards non Islamic folks.

    1. silvernotes says:

      Islam is an ideology that runs counter to every other one in the world, especially since if you don’t convert to Islam you die (or pay taxes for some unspecified amount of time..before they kill you). There is one goal to spread Islam through a holy war. They are allowed to lie and be deceptive to achieve their goals. There is only one play book, so it really doesn’t matter which plays you agree or not agree with, it all boils down to one ideology.

      Islam needs to be treated as a hostile ideology, just like Natzism and Communism; one we beat on the battle field, the other took a cold war. This one may require both techniques to overcome.

      1. Phil says:

        Silvernotes…you are totally correct. Islam isn’t a religion, it’s a political cult, and should be viewed as such. They need to be removed from a civilized culture, and returned to the desert where they can do no harm, and the sooner the better. They have 35 known terrorist training camps within the United States, and Homeland Insecurity is doing NOTHING to round up these traitors, indict them, put them to trial, and remove them from our country, placing them where they can do no where they came from. Let them do their murdering and decapitating in their own land. Nothing about them belongs in a civilized society, and they are against our values, including Capitalism, marriage to one person, the Constitution, freedom, etc..

        1. silvernotes says:

          ..and that is only scratching the surface!

  5. Mike Dugas says:

    This may sound harsh but two things need to happen: 1. Bring back a portable Electric Chair that travels for court house to court house and advertise when the chair will be used and on whom it will be used on a specific day. 2. Put GOD back into schols and public court houses-Thanks, Mike

    1. Frank Miller says:

      mike that’s one way. another is an eye for an eye n!!!
      just make ours harsher.
      olsarge nam vet

      1. Mike Dugas says:

        You got that right Frank. If you ask me that is what is wrong with the whole world.Nno more responsibility for crimes committed. I’m from the old school, chop a hand off for stealing the first time the next time chop the other hand off. I’ll bet he can’t steal without hands?? If one beats his wife or vise versa, tie to a post and beat him or her. But, instead, we put them into over populated jails to rehabilitate them?? Yeah! Right! After wearing a badge for 9 years where I live, I haven’t seen very many of them who were rehabilitated?? Put them up against a wall for more serious crimes and I’ll come put a bullet in them if no one else wants the job. Dam all of the Bull Shit.

    2. jimbow says:

      just line them up against a wall with 5 shooters, but rumors have it that the US gov has 1000s of guillotines maybe we can use them, oh sorry the rumor has it they are going to be used on us. the ones that will not bend knees to total gov control.

  6. Andrew says:

    I live in England, but as soon as they get arrested they are out on bail by the courts, it is a NANNY ESTATE over here. I read a comment about the electric chair, they should have it over here but they are too PC. LIFE means nothing nowadays

    1. irish7_1sg says:

      If I lived over there, I’d be lobbying for the Right To Keep And Bear Arms! I’d join one of those Christian groups like Britain First of Knights Templar to press for an end to unfettered Islamic immigration. Over the past 4 or 5 decades, the Western (Christian) World has invited tens of thousands of Moslems to move in. THEY NOW NUMBER IN THE MILLIONS! Take an objective look at the results. Dramatic increase in the HEINOUS CRIMES OF CHILD RAPE, HONOR KILLINGS, FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION AND ANIMAL TORTURE/ABUSE. IT WILL ONLY GET WORSE AS THE ISLAMIC POPULATION GROWS! We are making the same mistake in North America. Both Canada and the United States have fast growing Moslem populations. We are just witnessing the start of Jihad (Holy War). GOOD LUCK! GOD BLESS!

  7. ExLush says:

    I live in Upstate NY and in my neighborhood…everyone (and, as far as I know/I DO mean, EVERYONE) supports this current regime, but me. If all hell breaks loose, I am most likely dead meat. I live in a very racially diverse area, and while I trust both my next door neighbors tremendously, the others I am NOT so sure about! Everyone is clueless and in one way or another, a member of “the victim class”. Black victims, fat victims, gay victims, welfare victims…
    Nonetheless, I’ve been stocking up on stuff…more for the riff raff to steal, right LOL

  8. kid721952 says:

    This could all be avoided by deporting all muslims back to where they can kill on a daily basis,hopefully their own then British people could walk the streets,children could play without fear of being blown up,shot,beheaded,burned alive,drowned or crucified,destroy ALL MOSQUES,we welcomed them to start a new life and we have been repaid with terror,blood,bullets and DEATH

  9. I love God and not that asshole Muhammed

    1. survivallife says:

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  10. daledor says:

    The Religion of Peace at it again. On the flip side we have a president who often says one thing to appease and appeal to people and does the opposite. Now he is being much more truthful and we see how he defies, Congress, Law, Constitution, and the people of the USA. Is Congress so bribed or threatened that the do nothing to stop this Renegade (out of control – name the CIA nicknamed Obama when he was first elected — sure lives up to). The Supreme Court is over half socialists and New World Order minions like Obama — so unless Congress puts the brakes on the Supreme Court and Obama by following the Constitution – America used to be a great country. There is even a better way to get back on track – for Christians to live right and do right and lead others to Jesus and stand in agreement against the Satanic spiritual forces that lead and empower our evil leaders and the ridiculously evil NWO leaders at the top, many other followers are deceived), If Christians BIND/fight the evil and love the people and pray for those captive to be LOOSED by God moving upon them then this nation will please God and be blessed again with many breaking away from the sins that bind and control them. This is more of an assignment for the Church to wake up and be who God wants them to be than to think that elections and politics can solve anything.

  11. enigmaticaluna says:

    Islam is a cancer in a free society, Europe should know better than anyone, they fought against them in the 6th century, it’s the only group of people that has never assimilate nor grow on time, they are not humans but subhumans, personally I believe to do with them, the very thing we do with cancer, destroy it.
    If anyone believe that islamics are moderate, or terrorist, or radical or whatever the name be at the time, they must been sleeping in history, it’s not such thing for them, it’s simply islam. I’m European, in my country we fought against them 800 years, their intent since was invented, through crime is to conquer the world, a simple home is a location of conquering. The world be safe if muslims are destroy, it’s no good muslim except the one dead. plain and simple. I don’t believe in political correctness so I don’t really feel to speak of this “nice ” they will not be nice to us, using taqiya as their way of deception, to the ignorance of the people, governments complacent, because the money that Saudi Arabia is giving to them, while the people suffer. They just wait for the time to be right to attack, as happen before. DESTROY THEM BEFORE THEY DESTROY US. period.

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  12. TeaParty Patriot says:

    In spite of the disrespect that the 0webomb has shown England they show more guts than the 0webomb ever thought of displaying.

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