Browning BAR Mark III Semi-Auto Rifle Review

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Are you looking for a sporting rifle that will shoot every time you squeeze its trigger? Here is everything you need to know about the Browning Bar Mark 3 Semi-automatic rifle.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Browning Bar Mark 3 Semi-Automatic Rifle

History and Origin

Caliber 22 long rifle Browning Bar SS

Bruce Warren Browning and Marcel Olinger designed the Browning Bar Mark 3 rifle. Initially, the rifle came with a 22-inch barrel and was chambered to .270 Win., .243 Win., .30-06, and .308 Win and was sold at $165.

Though it has its origin in Belgium, all parts are now shipped to a Browning factory in Viana, Portugal, where they are assembled. Warranty and servicing are, however, handled by the brand’s shop in Arnold, Missouri.

In 1969, the Browning Bar Mark 3 launches a magnum version with a 24-inch barrel in 7mm Rem. Mag., .338 Win. Mag, and .300 Win. Mag. It was, however, heavier than the standard version. Most rifles were built on a long action during this time, but a shorter action eventually launches for the .243 Win. and .308 Win.


A semiautomatic riffle with the bullets Browning Bar SS

The Browning Bar rifle comes with a high-performance and detachable box magazine that snugly fits into the magazine without attaching it to a floor plate. Moreover, its steel magazine takes up to 10 rounds of .308.

It also has releases on either side of the bottom metal for both right- and left-handed users. With an 18-inch barrel with a 1:12-inch twist, you can bet the rifle is as handy as it is compact.

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Pneumatic rifle on concrete background Browning Bar SS

Though the rifle’s black synthetic stock is a little underwhelming, its over-molded grip panels and trim lines make up for aesthetics. Additionally, the sling mounting QD flush cups at the forend and the buttstock are a smart add-on to the rifle.

The Browning Bar’s trigger has a shotgun-like feel that breaks at three and a half pounds. What’s more, you can remove it from the rifle during cleaning by shifting the three pins along its aluminum receiver.

Similarly, you will need to unscrew both the front swivel stud and hex-head fastener in the front QD flush cup to gain access to the gas piston, action bars, and recoil spring assembly. You’ll also need to use a muzzle protector before using a cleaning rod down the bore since there’s no easier way to clean the rifle’s barrel from its breech end.

NOTE: The stock’s functionality is every hunter's dream.

Tip: Besides holding the forend, the front swivel stud doesn’t have a useful role in the Browning Bar unless you plan to mount a bipod.

Quick Targeting

A gun with an optical sight Browning Bar SS

With the Browning Bar, group sizes are consistently around 2 inches, regardless of the bullet weight or style. These stand to be even better when you mount a high-magnification scope on the rifle.

For instance, the BAR is also exceptional at making rapid shots on metal plates in a 100 yards radius from a low-ready carry point. Even better, it does a great job with rapid follow-up shots.

With a gentle recoil impulse, it is almost effortless to keep the crosshairs on the target. Though the trigger guard's cross-bolt safety is not strategically positioned for safety, a right-handed shooter can access and use it fairly quickly.

Pro Tips

  • Unlike bulky AR-10s and AR-15s, this semi-auto hunting rifle is ideal for a variety of close-in game and is worth considering. Big-game hunting AR rifle only strives to be what the BAR rifle accomplished long ago.
  • Develop your close-quarters skills with the 2x2x2 drill that aims to build accuracy and speed when engaging multiple targets with a semi-automatic rifle.
    For the drill setup, evenly space three side-by-side targets at 5 yards in front of you. Next, start with the rifle butt on your shoulder while the muzzle is down in a low ready position. Next, engage each target with two shots, each going from left to right or vice versa.

Watch this video as Browning presents on Hog Gun — BAR MK 3 with detachable box magazine:

There you go, hunters. Besides the Remington, Winchester, and Benelli sporting rifles, you now have another functional and high-performance rifle that you can add to your hunting arsenal. Why have one when you can have two or three?

What is your take on the Browning Bar rifle? Let us know in the comment section below!

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