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Looking to buy a Draco gun? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about it that you should consider before buying your own.

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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Your Draco Gun

What Type of Gun Is a Draco?

top-view-basic-parts-disassembled-assault | Draco gun

The Draco gun is essentially a mini Ak-47 or, as it is sometimes called, an AK pistol. Cugir Arms factory manufactured this semi-automatic pistol in Romania. It's then exported to the US by Century Arms, a US-based firearm manufacturer.

In many ways, the Draco gun is like the original 7.62 x 39mm assault rifle Romanian Kalashnikov (AK-47). However, this variant has a 12.5-inch barrel (shorter compared to the AK’s 16-inch barrel) and has no shoulder stock.

All its variants have the signature banana clip possessed by the AK. Its powerful round, affordable price, and compact size made it gain popularity in the US.

This miniature AK-47, however, is neither a hunting nor a ranged weapon. You can only use it in close-quarters.

Are Dracos Good Guns?

breakfast-army-soldier-terrorist-coffe-cup | Micro draco

In general, the answer is yes, Dracos are good guns.

The short barrel makes it lose only about 200 FPS, which is not a huge performance loss for its 7.62 x 39mm rounds. It's more capable ballistically compared to 5.56 rifles that also have short barrels.

With the Draco gun braced properly on the bearer’s arm or against his shoulder, recoil is minimal as well. Control is easy, with Mozambique drills, double taps, and others popped off comfortably.

Muzzle rise is present, but you can tame it with the use of a muzzle device. When equipped with an SB Tactical brace, the weapon becomes a lot easier to handle.

Despite its shorter barrel, it remains as reliable as any AK. It can go on even without cleaning for thousands of rounds.

The Draco’s shorter sight radius makes hitting long-range targets a bit of a challenge. However, it has a lightweight, compact, and short build that makes it very easy to fire and maneuver.

Is It Legal to Carry a Draco?

assault-rifle-ak47-on-wooden-surface | Ak pistol

At first, Draco guns were “civilian-legal” copies of the Romanian PM md. 90. It's a gun like the Draco but equipped with a folding stock and the ability to fire in fully-automatic modes.

In the US, the Draco gun falls under the category of handguns and not rifles. This is because of its 26-inch length and lack of stock.

However, with its recent rise in popularity, the laws surrounding it have also evolved. In some states, the gun remains classified as a pistol. In other states, such as in California, the Draco gun is an assault rifle. This makes its possession illegal for state residents.

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How Powerful Is a Draco Gun?

kit-moder-russia-military-equipment | Draco

A Draco gun is as precise as most handguns. It has more forceful damage, and its magazine is able to hold 30 rounds. With the power of its round, there's a risk of excessive penetration. It can shoot through woods and apartment walls.

Using Draco with a laser sight makes it effortless to aim at your target. You can fire bullets in rapid succession and hold the barrel with your weaker hand. Additionally, you can manage the recoil better compared with a normal handgun.

What Is the Best Draco Gun?

Ak47 Rifles Akms | Mini draco gun

The Draco gun comes in three variants: the full-sized Draco, the micro Draco, and the Mini Draco Gun. Almost all three have indistinguishable characteristics. They have similar dust covers, safety selectors, muzzle brakes, pistol grips, and magazines.

However, they have a few differences that you might want to note before buying your Draco gun:

Full-Sized Draco

Among the three, this is the best one to convert to a short-barreled rifle. There are also plenty of aftermarket handguards available for it.


This type has a reputation of being better for some range fun and not for serious application. It fits with an uncomfortable handguard, and it also lacks the standard rear AKM sight. Additionally, accessories for this Drack are harder to come across.


The mini-Draco is one of the better kinds of the Draco gun, and its imports have risen over the years. For its weight, size, and length, it remains a well-balanced gun. However, like the Micro-Draco, customizations for it are also hard to find.

What Age Can I Buy a Draco?

weapon-machine-guns-bullets-reloading-pistols | Mini draco

You have to be at least 21 years old before you can get a Draco. It's unlawful to sell handguns and ammunition to anyone under this age.

However, this regulation has a loophole as it only applies to licensed dealers. Private gun sales don't have to obey this rule. An 18-year-old can still own a handgun by purchasing from a private seller, but this age limit varies by state.

You have to apply first for a handgun purchase permit from your local law enforcement agency. Private sellers may run a background check, but there's no law requiring them to conduct this.

Additionally, this loophole has extended some complications. For example, an 18-year-old won't be able to bring his handgun to a store for repairs. This is because the dealer can't return or hand over a gun to someone below 21 years of age under federal law.

Thinking of cleaning your Draco gun? Check out this infographic tutorial:

How to Use A Bore Snake For Your Draco Gun

Before you buy your Draco gun, take note of these answers to the most frequently asked questions about it. These should help you decide not only whether you should buy it, but also which of its variants would suit you best.

Do you think that the Draco gun is one of the most practical firearms ever made? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Dan says:

    Looking for an all-around gun for home defense and am confused with all the propaganda about each manufacturer’s claims. Don’t know if 12 gauge “home defender” short barrel pump or something like this draco is best. Maybe I’ll just stick to my SA colt .45.
    Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.

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