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Thinking of getting the best single shot shotgun in the market? Back in the day, hunters used these weapons. These are break barrel weapons that can only fire a single shell or pair of shells at a time.

But why bother using these admittedly archaic firearms when there are more modern shotguns that allow you to fire multiple shells before having to reload?

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Single Shot Shotguns Are Still in the Game

What's In a Single Shot Shotgun?

Part of it is aesthetic. There’s something appealing about using these classic weapons. But more practically, single shot shotguns offer several advantages.

For instance, they often feature longer barrels, producing better accuracy and balance. They also have fewer parts, which makes them harder to break and easier to maintain.

Finally, their simplicity also makes them excellent beginner weapons, like if you’re taking your kids on their first hunt.

Let’s take a look at some top single shot shotguns we think you’ll love!

1. ATI Nomad Single Shot Shotgun

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This first single shot shotgun is based on the classic firearms American hunters have used for decades on end.

It can be selected in a variety of gauges ranging from 12-gauge to 20-gauge to .410 bore, and you can have the barrel designed at either 26 inches or 28 inches.

Regardless, you’ll benefit from a checkered synthetic stock that absorbs recoil and rests comfortably against your shoulder.

It also comes with a bead front sight to help you line up your shot as accurately as possible.

The shotgun comes with a high gloss and black finish for a modern, stealthy aesthetic that doesn’t glare in the sunlight. This will help you keep your approach concealed when you are hunting.

The break-barrel design feels snappy and satisfying, and the trigger pull is crisp as can be.

It’s an affordable, extremely fun to use single shot shotgun we’d recommend for casual hunting trips and beginners.

2. Rossi Single Shot Tuffy Turkey Shotgun

smoking-hunting-gun-shotgun-clay-pigeon | hunting shotgun

This single shot shotgun is a bit more expensive, but it’s a great tool if you want to hunt turkeys or similar sized animals for your next Thanksgiving dinner.

It’s got a durable aluminum Picatinny rail for your accessories, like a red dot sight or scope or an additional full choke.

The buttstock can also be extended or shortened, meaning it’s great for both youths and adults. Dual shell holders allow you to bring all the ammo you require on your trip and have it close at hand.

The stock’s open design keeps the shotgun relatively lightweight and easy to use. The grip is textured for even better control and security.

A matte black finish on the receiver prevents corrosion damage from taking hold. This shotgun is accurate, easy to use, and snappy when you break it open to load another round inside.

3. Henry Single Shot 12 Gauge Shotgun

woman-practice-shooting-gun-riffle-martial | single shot shotgun

This pricey single shot shotgun is chambered for typical 12-gauge ammunition. It features a brass bead front sight for added accuracy.

More importantly, we really like the genuine American walnut stock material across the weapon, which gives the shotgun a bit of elegance and old-fashioned aesthetic value you shouldn’t discount.

The walnut stock does a great job of helping you handle the recoil and rests comfortably against your shoulder, especially since it has a black rubber buttpad.

It’s a great gun in terms of safety, as well. It has an interlocking system that prevents you from opening the action while the hammer is cocked or closing it while the hammer is cocked.

The weapon’s grip feels solid and steady and has a smooth arc that’s easy on your wrist, even when you fire the weapon and break the barrel open.

There isn’t a spot to hold your extra rounds, but it’s still a fantastic single-shot shotgun that’ll be a fine choice on any hunting trip.

Watch this video by Avery Roberts as he tackles why you need to have a single shot 12 gauge in your arsenal:

If you love hunting and are looking to add another hunting shotgun to your collection, spare some time checking out these single shot babies! Who knows? You might just take one on your next hunting trip!

Which is the best gun for you from this list and why? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

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