Why Choose A Double Barrel Shotgun?

Feature | Why Choose a Double Barrel Shotgun

The double barrel shotgun is one of the oldest and most successful firearm types in existence today. Although there are many more advanced and innovative weapons around these days, these shotguns are still popular and used in a variety of situations ranging from hunting scenarios to self-defense needs.

So why are double barrel shotguns so well-used today? Let's go over all the reasons why you should choose to own one below.

Go for A Double Barrel Shotgun

1. They’re Reliable

First and foremost, double barrel shotguns are extremely reliable. Experienced firearm users know the value of a weapon you can depend on time and time again.

Many more modern weapons have tons of moving parts. As anyone experienced with machines or complex devices knows, the more moving parts you have, the greater the likelihood of something breaking over time.

Furthermore, guns and other machines with lots of moving parts need more maintenance.

Double barrel shotguns are exceptionally simple. They don’t have any actions that can jam, and feeding failures are basically nonexistent.

Using, cleaning, and fixing this shotgun is fairly simple and can be taught to just about anyone.

Thus, they’re great as beginner weapons and as staple firearms for more experienced shooters.

2. They’re Comfortable and Snappy

They’re Comfortable and Snappy | Why Choose a Double Barrel Shotgun

Secondly, double barrel shotguns are usually a little shorter than other types of shotgun firearms – around 4 inches shorter on average.

They still maintain the same general barrel length, allowing them to keep their accuracy.

But the overall shorter length makes them easier to swing and handle, so tracking a moving target, like during a hunting trip, is a little easier.

Furthermore, double barrel shotguns have fast lock times. You don't need to deal with working action as you line up your shot. Plus, these shotguns will let you fire a very quick follow-up shot: even faster than what a pump shotgun can offer. You don’t have to drop your sites and reacquire your target, as a result.

Ultimately, these weapons are just fun and easy to handle, so even folks who aren’t all that enthusiastic about guns might have a good time shooting one of these.

3. Double Barrel Shotguns Are Safe

Another great reason to choose a double barrel shotgun is because of its safety features.

Because of their break-action designs, there's no chance of you accidentally discharging the weapon while putting new shells into the barrels or otherwise tinkering with the firearm.

With other weapons, there’s always the slim possibility that a cartridge is still in the weapon, even when it’s being unloaded or reloaded.

On the contrary, everyone knows when it's safe to approach someone with this type of shotgun.

Additionally, operating the break-open action is pretty simple, so beginners can sometimes grasp this a little more quickly than they could when trying to operate a pump shotgun or a semiautomatic weapon's normal safety.

4. They Provide Some Versatility


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Many double barrel shotguns offer significant versatility in terms of shot selection.

Furthermore, some double barrel weapons have two triggers. This allows you to choose from two types of chokes when firing, meaning you can take shots at multiple effective ranges.

5. They’re Clean

Finally, double barrel shotguns are pretty great when it comes to keeping your shooting area clean of empty shells

The majority of break-action double barrel shotguns hold the empty shells after firing their shots. This makes the shells easy to clean up, as they aren’t automatically ejected onto the ground like they are with most other firearms.

Wrapping Up


All in all, there’s a lot to like about double barrel shotguns’ design and performance. They haven't lasted so long just out of nostalgia.

They're formidable, capable firearms that almost everyone can appreciate. Consider picking up one for yourself if you haven’t already!

Do you already have a double barrel shotgun? We'd love to hear your thoughts about it in the comments section!

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Why Choose A Double Barrel Shotgun?

  1. GlennVA says:

    Top pump shotgun, in my estimation, is the Mossberg Shockwave. The advantage is to be able to use the mini-shells. Twice the firepower and less chance of blowing through a wall. The sheer size of the Shockwave is perfect for home defense.

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