Bug Out Bags | Do Guns And Ammo Belong In Them?

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Would you consider a firearm as one of the essentials in your bug out bags? Well, if you think you need a gun in the house for protection, imagine what the possibilities would be in unfamiliar territory.

Bug Out Bags | Emergency Gear And Guns For Defense

A bug out bag is where you put all the necessary items you need in an event of a sudden evacuation. Whether it's because of a calamity, an invasion, or for whatever reason, you have to fill your bag with essentials you need to survive. So if you ask me about the need to include guns and ammo in your supplies, I'd say you have to have protection in these type of situations. If your goal is to survive, there has to be something you can use to defend yourself. Emergency supplies are a must-have in a bug out situation and you wouldn't want to lose what meager items you have in a robbery.

Here's a video to give you some viable defense alternatives for your bug out bag:


Two Fantastic Handgun Choices:

1. Smith & Wesson M&P 9C

Smith & Wesson M&P 9C | Bug Out Bags | Do Guns And Ammos Belong In Them?

Image from Matthew Forte via guns

The Smith & Wesson M&P 9C is a very reliable firearm for defense. If you walk into someone with clear bad intentions who is a threat to your belongings or your life, this handgun might just save the day.

2. Glock 17 Gen 3

Glock 17 Gen 3 | Bug Out Bags | Do Guns And Ammos Belong In Them?

Image via defensivecarry

It's always good to have a spare handgun in certain cases. Put it where you can easily access the firearm to prepare you all the time. Could be near the driver's seat, in an ankle holster, or sometimes you just have to be more unpredictable in hiding your gun in places nobody would expect.

Must have gear:

5.11 Side Bag

5.11 Side Bag | Bug Out Bags | Do Guns And Ammos Belong In Them?

Image via edcforums

This little side bag is great for your everyday carry items. This way, you'll always remember where you placed your flashlight, multi-tools, hand sanitizer, wallet, or even your handgun.

Some type of Rifle:

SKS Rifle

SKS Rifle | Bug Out Bags | Do Guns And Ammos Belong In Them?

Image via wikipedia

You can skip bringing a rifle if you think it gets too much attention. But if the idea of having more firepower suits you, the SKS rifle is a viable bet. It's an all around rifle which is good for hunting, defense, and combat rifle if need be.

Extra Ammunition:

Emergency Stash of Ammo

It's practical to have ammunition that's ready to go. You could either put them in one place or somewhere near their designated firearm if possible. It's not like you're heading towards a war zone but being ready for anything is always a good thing.


For a pack you set up with all your emergency gear, a defense tool is certainly a necessity. If someone can simply walk up to you and take away your belongings, it doesn't matter how much food, medicine, and supplies you have in your bug out bag. It doesn't do you any good losing the things you ultimately need to survive.

What do you think of bringing guns in a bug out situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Featured Image Via – UziNineMillomeetah

3 Responses to :
Bug Out Bags | Do Guns And Ammo Belong In Them?

  1. ImOffendedTreatMeSpecial says:

    A Henry US survival rifle & 4 boxes of stingers in my get home bag, light weight & doesn’t take up much space. And a Beretta 92 with 2 spare mags in a lockbox in the console. This is the I only have time to grab 1 thing bag.

  2. Mike says:

    I wish 10mm would get more attention. I’d just take a Glock 20 along with ammo/spare mags. If Razor Dobbs can kill a wildebeest at 100 yards with a 1911 10mm, a human will equally go down. Couple it with Liberty civil defense load and youre talking 60 grains at over 2,400 fps….from a handgun.
    That’ll get a bad guy’s attention. I wouldn’t pack a rifle. The Argentina collapse showed that was a bad idea. Better to have a pistol concealed when interacting with crowds or getting supplies. Skip the military backpacks too. Get a Kelty or similar. Don’t stick out, blend in.

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