Cabot Guns: Because Everyone Needs A Really Special 1911

cabot damascus American Joe

Cabot Guns: because everyone needs a really special 1911

Cabot Guns, named for a small town in Pennsylvania, is known for its start-to-finish creation of finely crafted 1911 pistols. The company is based in PA and recently moved its manufacturing to Indiana.
The company’s most publicized claim to fame is having made a functioning 1911 from a 76-pound hunk of meteorite. Talk about an unprecedented project! The price tag for this extraordinary firearm is more than $4 million. Here is a video detailing the work involved:

But Cabot Guns is about much more than the meteorite gun. The company crafts every other 1911 from a single block of steel, using aerospace construction quality with tolerances that founder Rob Blanchin says are unparalleled in the firearms industry.
Blanchin, born in Canada but now a US citizen, is a devout patriot. “It made me angry that you had to go overseas to get the best shotgun, and I looked at the industry, and decided to make the US the place where you can get the best pistol in the world,” he said. By the way, despite the Canadian connection, Cabot sounds like rabbit, not Cab-eau.
It shoots as good as it looks!

It shoots as good as it looks!

Cabot Guns are anything but ordinary. They’re a statement. One area of specialty is the left-handed 1911, which to them means a lot more than moving the safety lever to the right side. Cabot’s left-handed guns are entirely that way–including the ejection port, takedown pin, everything. As if that wasn't enough, left and right-handed sets are among their offerings. Their latest standout was a “left wing” pistol with a scrimshaw design of British anti-gun commentator Piers Morgan on the grips. Its complement, “right wing” design has Ted Nugent’s image. Fortunately, the Nuge approved of his namesake pistol when he was introduced to it.
cabot guns 1911

A lovely display. Cabot Gun triggers have a three-star design.

Many celebrities have hired Cabot to make left/right custom sets. Among those big names are Kid Rock, Dee Snider, and Joe Mantegna. Apparently, dual wielding is a thing among gun-loving elites. A single pistol in this, Cabot’s Premium Custom line, starts in the $10,000 range, but $150,000 isn’t uncommon, depending on materials and time invested.
Cabot’s Oak Collection features one-of-a-kind offerings, like the meteorite gun. They’ve also crafted grips from woolly mammoth ivory. The company is always interested in ideas for materials to make concept guns, but don’t bother suggesting gems–that’s been done.
Cabot Guns are made from a single block of American steel.

Cabot Guns are made from a single block of American steel.

The Deluxe Grade Cabot is described as having investment grade finish and rarity. Prices vary depending on features, but here is where the company has begun to appeal to a broader market. Options like a rail and light are available, and prices are lower. Their Damascus slide model is “the ultimate bedside 1911, for the guy who has a Rolex on his nightstand and needs a sidearm to match.” The Damascus retails for $6,450 with rail and light.
cabot damascus

Damascus model with optional light and real.

New to the Cabot line is the Vintage Classic, with a proprietary finish that looks like aged nickel, and legal (of course) ivory grips. It’s a great marriage of cowboy gun looks with semi-auto practicality. It’s made in government and commander size, and sells for less than $4,000.
The company works with artists to perfectly communicate the message intended with their pistols. American Joe is a red, white, and blue model with a striking flag grip design. Even their cocking serrations are artistic, done in mill-engraved, grippy but not sharp checkering. The three-row design is called the Trinity Stripe and is present on nearly all models. Blanchin said, “It’s reflective of sacred geometry, and has a spiritual significance that isn’t something to be included in marketing.”
cabot damascus American Joe

The Damascus and American Joe models.

All the artistic effort notwithstanding, Cabot Guns are made first and foremost to work, accurately, and reliably. The brand has garnered two national match championships. I had the opportunity to press the trigger for a magazine full, and can attest that the company’s sub-inch group at 25 yards guarantee is surely legitimate, based on my seven-yard trial. If a really special 1911 is what you’re seeking, Cabot can deliver like none other.

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