Necessity of 2nd Amendment Proven Amid Rioting, Looting

June 2, 2020 Saturday, May 30, 2020 brought racial tensions to a head as rioters and looters hijacked protests around the country. After the Memorial Day murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police...

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AR-15 Basics: A Guide To The AR-15 Platform

March 12, 2020 Know all about the AR-15 and arm yourself with facts! RELATED: Rifle Shooting Tips & Techniques | 11 Surprising Things New Rifle Shooters Need To Know In this article Introduction to...

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Concealed Carry When New: IWB VS OWB

March 8, 2020 New to concealed carry? Know and decide which method is more suitable for you as a gun owner as you read on! RELATED: Concealed Vs Open Carry: Pros And Cons In this article: Inside or...

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How to Use an Ax in Bushcrafts

February 26, 2020 A sharp ax is one of the most important bushcraft tools in your pack.  It is more precise than a sickle or other implements and unlike a machete; it can chop and cut thicker logs.  It...

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Machete: A Beginner’s Guide

February 25, 2020 Throughout history, many great tools have been born out of mankind’s need to survive.  Few have had the impact and the adaptability of the machete.  From the South American Amazon to...

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Emergency Preparedness | Is 72 Hours Enough?

February 19, 2020 For the average citizen, an emergency preparedness kit is a ready-to-use, portable package containing supplies, food and water rations, as well as other vital supplies and equipment for...

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Camping Checklist: Tips for a Safe Fall and Winter Camping Trip

February 17, 2020 If you have never been camping in the fall or winter months, you should! It’s a great experience that you will enjoy – as long as you stay warm. Let’s go over the camping checklist...

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Gun Training In The Elements

February 14, 2020 Bad Weather Shooting These days, I’m pretty much over the “If it ain’t rainin’, it ain’t trainin’” attitude and prefer to stay indoors where it’s warm and dry, but if...

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AR-15 Basics: Shooting The AR-15

February 3, 2020 First time to use an AR-15? Learn how to properly shoot this gun as well as handle it safely as you read through this post. RELATED: AR-15 Repairs | Bolt Hold Open Repairs In this article:...

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Is An E-tool Part Of Your Survival Kit? | Survival Life Essentials

January 22, 2020 When it comes to my go-bag, there are items that are essential and others that are just good to have. Keep in mind that my go-bag isn’t just sitting around waiting for an emergency to...

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