Is An E-tool Part Of Your Survival Kit? | Survival Life Essentials

January 22, 2020 When it comes to my go-bag, there are items that are essential and others that are just good to have. Keep in mind that my go-bag isn’t just sitting around waiting for an emergency to...

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5 Practical Tricks To Choosing Deer Hunting Clothes

January 6, 2020 When you're out in the field wearing a very uncomfortable set of clothes, it may prevent you from concentrating on the hunt itself. Here are some practical tips on choosing your deer...

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Priceless Bartering Chips For Your Survival: Part 3

January 2, 2020 Last week I gave you the second part of my list (# 6-9) of items that will be priceless as bartering chips after a crisis. This week I will finish out the list with the remaining 7 items...

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The 10 Pantry Items Worth More than Gold

December 24, 2019 MRE’s, freeze dried, and dehydrated food can last for up to 25 years. There are also many foods that will last for years when stored properly (wheat, beans, pasta, etc.), but this all...

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You Need More than a Stockpile to Thrive

December 20, 2019 I always have a bit of a chuckle at the late night TV shows that hype how the economy is crumbling and you need to invest all of your money in gold.  Then they go on to tell how, “we...

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Giving Seeds What They Need to Survive in Stasis

December 13, 2019 If you are a prepper, you need to be ready for just about anything.  This includes a long-term or permanent breakdown in the food transit system. If this happens you need to be sure that...

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How to Keep Your Cool When Under Stress

December 11, 2019 Odds are you have become angry or scared at some point in your life.  You feel like your heart is beating in your throat and begin to lose focus.  Adrenaline floods your body and your...

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Summer’s Over, Time to Update Winter Preps

December 4, 2019 The lazy days of summer are slowly waning behind us and, in many parts of the country, a brief reprieve from the weather extremes is upon us. While it may be nice take a breather and simply...

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10 Simple Ways To Be Successful When Bugging-Out “On Foot” During A Crisis

November 4, 2019 Learning and training for a situation where bugging-out on foot is the last option could serve a vital importance. Read on to learn Coach Helder’s 10 simple ways to bug-out on foot...

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How to Survive a Hostage Situation or Terrorist Attack

November 1, 2019 In the last several weeks, there have been a lot of headlines about hostage situations and terrorist attacks. On November 13, members of the Islamic State killed 130 people in terror...

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