It Hits The Fan – Basic SHTF Preparedness Guide For Everyone

February 27, 2020 There are more important things to be prepared for other than guns and weapons. In an SHTF situation, the basic things and needed knowledge will give you a better chance of survival....

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10 Simple Ways To Be Successful When Bugging-Out “On Foot” During A Crisis

November 4, 2019 Learning and training for a situation where bugging-out on foot is the last option could serve a vital importance. Read on to learn Coach Helder’s 10 simple ways to bug-out on foot...

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Is Parkour Training A Survival Skill Or Just A Fad Exercise?

September 27, 2019 Parkour training is a recreational sport that offers many health benefits. Are you willing to try it out? RELATED: Conquering The Cornerstones: Self-Defense – The 4th Pillar Of Survival...

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Top 3 Equipment-Free Workout Tips for Survival

August 7, 2019 We prepare like crazy for survival. We invest in the survival gear, the tools, the things we need to prepare clean water and cook food. We spend the time and resources gathering everything...

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Why The Kettlebell Is The Ultimate Tool For Physical Preparedness

January 30, 2019 Learn about kettlebell workout routines and its benefits, especially for physical fitness and preparedness. In this article: Physical Preparedness Training Benefits of Physical Preparedness...

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How To Remove Ticks From Your Skin

June 4, 2018 When you need to remove ticks, it can be anything from a minor annoyance or a major problem. Most ticks that get into our homes come from pets, dogs and cats in particular. It is important...

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How To Stay Hydrated In Hot Conditions

April 13, 2018 Understanding how to stay hydrated in the hot season is something everyone should take the time to learn. Heat-related illnesses may occur when your body temperature rises too rapidly. By...

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7 Bodyweight Exercises For Every Muscle | Survival Life Fitness

January 26, 2018 If you want to obtain an aura of strength and dominance without using any machine, then these bodyweight exercises are for you. Read on and pack some more muscle onto your frame! Bodyweight...

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Why You Should Restore Your Body After Spending Time In The Field

October 28, 2017 It wasn’t that long ago that merely bringing up the word, survivalist, would get you awkward glances from most people within earshot -of that ridiculous word. Even at social gatherings, I...

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Physical Preparedness: Run Like Your Life Depends On It; One Day Soon… It Just Might

August 20, 2017 When TSHTF and bugging out is your only option, how far do you think you’ll get if you find yourself out of breath after climbing a single flight of stairs? It’s no secret that I...

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