The Best Self Defense Weapons and Guns for Women

January 1, 2024 Finding a really great self-defense weapon for a lady is more difficult than it sounds. The female body curves differently than the male body, so concealing a weapon, especially a handgun,...

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January 1, 2024 / Comments (8)

How to Raise Barnyard Chickens

November 7, 2023 Raising barnyard chickens is such a fun process, especially for the kids. There is no better way to show your children how to be responsible pet owners than by starting with chickens, not...

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November 7, 2023 / Comments (4)

The Art of Seed Saving

October 13, 2023 I recently learned about seed saving via a Kickstarter trailer for a documentary entitled Seeds: The Untold Story. What is seed saving, you say? It's exactly what it sounds like! It is...

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How to Make Compost | DIY Composting

October 9, 2023 We hate to break it to you—compositing isn't just for farms! This gardening technique has become a very popular practice in both urban and rural settings. To top it all off, it is...

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4 Ways to Make Camouflage at Home

August 4, 2023 Camouflage has become readily available in just about everything you could ask for, but it also tends to run up a steep tab. Fortunately, these patterns are easy to find and even easier to...

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DIY Rainwater Collection System

July 5, 2023 Rainwater collection is a great way to reduce your water usage. Did you know the average person wastes about 30 gallons of water per day? Holy moly! Just imagine if you could save at least...

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Dual Survival and The Risks of Reality TV with Cody Lundin

June 30, 2023 Dual Survival and The Risks of Reality TV with Cody Lundin Chris Noble of Master Woodsman recently did an exclusive interview with Cody Lundin, the ultimate survivalist from Discovery's...

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Family-Friendly Storm Shelters

June 20, 2023 Emergency preparedness is especially vital if you have a family to consider. And at the end of the day, nothing is as important as keeping your family safe. In the event of a natural...

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How To Survive Mother Natures Fury

June 16, 2023 How To Survive Mother Natures Fury? You can’t control Mother Natures Fury, but you can prepare for all of the natural disasters that she might have in store. Preparation means...

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The Hidden Power of Garlic

June 16, 2023 Hidden Power of Garlic There's been a lot of talk about natural health and wellness lately. It seems like a day doesn't pass that we don't hear about a new “super” food or some...

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