How To Survive Mother Natures Fury

How To Survive Mother Natures Fury

How To Survive Mother Natures Fury?

You can’t control Mother Natures Fury, but you can prepare for all of the natural disasters that she might have in store. Preparation means creating a plan of action ahead of time; then following it before, during and after the disaster hits.

Although it's almost impossible to predict the damage from a natural disaster, planning helps arm you for survival and prepare you for the aftermath.
We have gathered a few guidelines to consider when preparing to survive violent weather from Mother Nature.

Evacuation Planning

You do not want to be unprepared if you need to evacuate. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Mapping your route ahead can save you time and potentially save your life.
  • Establish a contact who will know where you are going, which direction you are headed and your ETA. Your contact should be out of town and not evacuating, too.
  • Do you know what you are going to do with your pets? Establish an emergency plan and go bag for them, as well.
  • Secure your important papers. In the event of a mass disaster or crossing the border, you may need to provide identification.

Avoid Disaster Hot Spots

There are certain areas that seem to breed chaos in the aftermath of a catastrophic event. It is crucial to stay in a safe location and avoid these hot spots.

Industrial Disasters Survival Tips
Check out our article on Disaster Hot Spots That Will Get You Killed for more information on these locations.

Pack Your Bug Out Bag

Everyone should have a plan in place and bug out bag handy in case of an emergency. Your home is important, of course, but your safety is crucial. Put together a disaster supply kit, a stockpile of items you will need to survive and a go bag for an emergency evacuation.

However, there are many variables to creating a bug out bag, including your location. If you were in an urban setting, you would not really need all the tools you would use in the wilderness, and vice versa. Learn how to Customize Your Ultimate Bug Out Bag to ensure you are prepared.

Find Shelter

Maintaining your body temperature is one of your top priorities. Some ways of staying warm if the electricity goes out involve using your own body heat surrounded by insulation to keep the heat in and the cold out. The most simple way of trapping heat is with a blanket, or you may create a large shelter using mattresses. If you are out in the wilderness and need a quick shelter to regulate your body temperature, you may build a debris shelter.

You also need to protection from possibleprojectile, such as from a tornado. As you may know, choosing a room without glass windows, or a safe room, is your best option.

Stay Tuned

It is vitally important that you invest in a radio and stay constantly tuned into a local radio station for official reports and instructions. Stay inside your home and do not go outside, unless they tell you that your safety is compromised.


If you are told to leave your location for your safety, remember to:

  • Secure any items outside which could damage your home or property
  • Cover your windows and doors.
  • Follow disaster plans established for your pets.
  • If you have time, turn off your home's gas, electricity and water, and disconnect your appliances to reduce the chance of electrical shock.
  • Grab your disaster supply kit and fill your car with gas.
  • Follow your predetermined evacuation plan, listening for disaster sirens and warning signals along the way. Be prepared to drive 20-50 miles in heavy traffic.

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How To Survive Mother Natures Fury

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