Charlie Daniels Responds To Billboard’s Gun Control Letter

charlie daniels

Country singer Charlie Daniels is a true American Patriot who isn't afraid to tell everyone what's on his mind.

Charlie Daniels Responds

He recently sat through an interview with Fox News Entertainment where he gave his perspective about guns, and, more specifically about the open letter to Congress concerning gun control, which was signed by close to 200 musicians. I'm sure you know where he stands on the matter.

When speaking about the famous musicians and personalities who recently wrote to Billboard voicing their concerns for gun control, Charlie Daniels had this to say: “This is the biggest farce going on.

It's just political. I don't give a damn who signed that thing on Billboard. They don't shoot guns.

They don't know anything about them. What they do know is what they think is the popular opinion and I guarantee you, Orlando is just one guy. Wait until there are five or six of them.”

He also went on to say: “My thought [is] we've got enough gun control laws and [the problem is], the laws that we have now are not being enforced. These gun laws are cosmetic… bad people are bad people and you cannot clean up anything by taking guns away.”

The people who wrote the letter demanding Congress do more about guns, include names like Ellen DeGeneres, Cher, Brittany Spears, Paul McCartney, Katy Perry, The Dixie Chicks, Lady Gaga, and nearly 200 others.

The letter was titled: An Open Letter To Congress: Stop Gun Violence Now. The opening paragraph says this: “As leading artists and executives in the music industry, we are adding our voices to the chorus of Americans demanding change.”

If you'd like to read the letter in its entirety or would like to know all of the 200 people who signed it, check out this page on Billboard. And, for the source article where I got Mr. Daniels' quotes from, check out the Fox News website.

Make sure you let us know what you think about what Charlie said about the Billboard letter, as well as the letter itself.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on June 28, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

13 Responses to :
Charlie Daniels Responds To Billboard’s Gun Control Letter

  1. Bill says:

    Any gun laws that the elite politicians pass will only affect the civilians. No one else will be stopped from having guns. Bad people including the corrupt politicians will still insist they need guns.

  2. Earl says:


  3. Gary Wills says:

    Time for the people to change the congress and put TERM limits . Also we need to do away with the gifting of money from anyone to anyone in office. There’s not a senator or congressman who’s not a multimillionaire now. No more LIFETIME benefits . They should have to live like the rest of the country. When they go after the CONSTITUTION that’s treason and they should be hanged YES hanged. The main reason we have the problems is people who should be working are not doing so. Put the people back in the factories like we did in ww2 . Our nation is not the producing country it used to be. Why because the nafta trade act and other undermining laws to free trade our lives away. Lots of causes so many mistakes made by the government . So much for the laws it dot and won’t stop crime. If they want to kill they will find away .

    1. David Blakeman says:

      The whole damn government is corrupt, and incapable of doing the job that they were
      elected to do. They are supposed to be servants of the people, not the nobility of
      the United States of the .01%. They do not deserve the Golden Retirement or the
      Golden Medical that they have voted themselves. They all should be on social insecurity
      and medicare, just like the rest of us. Limited to two terms in office, then go and get
      a job, just like the rest of us. And I have NEVER been able to vote myself a raise.
      The head idiot in charge should be impeached as a traitor and enabler of ISIS.
      I am a senior citizen and a Viet Nam veteran with a limited income.
      I have to live on SOCIAL INSECURITY and DO NOT have spare money
      to pay for anything extra. Every penny that I get has to go somewhere to keep me
      on this planet (food, fuel, bills, you know all those pesky things).
      When I swore my oath to defend my country from all enemies
      foreign and domestic. Little did I realize that it would be from
      my own Government.
      I love my country, it is my government I don’t trust.
      I am a senior, a veteran,and I VOTE….

  4. Jay Star says:

    How about they figure out how to enforce the laws regarding misconduct and crime committed by our government? Seems if they do manage to convict, there’s no enforcement to back it up!

  5. Bert says:

    Why should I give up my guns? Every one of those so called entertainers has some kind of armed security, and what about the brainless thieves we have in Washington. They do not go anywhere without their personal armed security. It’s OK for them, but the average American does not need that level of security, we can just wait for our professional, highly trained and highly motivated police to leave the protection of their favorite Stop n Go and come help us. I served this country for 21 years and truly believe in this Land of the Free, but our President and those people serving in Congress need a lesson in facts. This is NOT a safe place to live free, Self protection is a guaranteed right in our Constitution and we must not let these fascist take that from us. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  6. Robert Stone says:

    All those musicians and other stupid people who signed that letter you can bet ALL have armed guards. Take their weapons away and watch the really bad guys have a LOT of fun.

  7. Dave says:

    Charlie Daniels – is Spot – On Enforce the Laws you already have on the books and then carry through with sentencing

  8. Mikial says:

    Charlie Daniels has always been an awesome American and artist. So much better than so many of those no-talents preaching gun control when they are probably illegal gun carriers every day.

  9. To all the people who signed the billboard open letter you need to leave the Second Amendment alone. If they change the 2nd Amendment what would happen if they decided to go after the First Amendment and had just as much support against it. People just need to leave the Constitution alone. Please inforce the current laws that are on the books!! God Bless America and the US Constitution as well as our military forces which I so proudly served in.

  10. Danmo43 says:

    Charlie Daniels is always dead on.
    I am so pleased that all the “artists” signed the “open letter to congress” so we can now identify those who are too ignorant and stupid to deserve any contribution of any sort that would put money into any of their pockets.

  11. Tim stout says:

    Charlie is right on, enforce the laws that are on the books and no more BS laws like caliphornia banning high cap magazines. I just bought a a sign today that rings very true ” guns only have two enemy’s rust and polititions.

  12. David Blakeman says:

    What is wrong with these people?
    All the gun control in the world will not stop the gun violence. Why? Criminals,
    and Terrorists DO NOT OBEY ANY LAWS, why do you think we call them criminals and
    If you want to see what will happen, look to England. First the hand guns,
    then the long guns, now the swords and knives. And their crime rate has gone
    up and up. Look to Europe, some of the toughest gun laws in the world. They are
    snowed under with terrorists raping, shooting and bombing their people. In my
    opinion these people are subjects.
    The question is are you a citizen or a subject?
    As a subject you are at the whims of a Government, the law, the rich
    and connected, (who have their paid bodyguards) to protect them from the criminal
    & terrorist elements. As a subject, the police are not required to protect you, they
    will protect who ever is in the power seat. If you are poor or not connected,
    you are on your own.
    We fought a war in 1776 to be free of the whims of a King, we did not want to be
    subjects, we wanted to be citizens.
    Now they are trying to make us subjects again. Sorry I will not be a subject,
    I AM A CITIZEN! I volunteered for & served in Viet Nam and earned that right.
    Molon Labe!!

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