Christie Moves To Make NJ "Shall Issue" But Will It Hold?

In the Age of Stupidity when it comes to firearms, a few states in this union stand out more than the rest. Massachusetts and California come to mind, along with Maryland, New York, and New Jersey. In an odd turn of events, however, Governor Christie seems to have done a 180 on the stances he's held just a few short years ago. Some speculate that he's changing his tune because he's trying to gain favor with actual conservatives. Still, I'm not in the habit of caring why people suddenly become pro-gun.
You're either for us, or against us. And New Jersey's chief just proved that he's for us. But you knew that already, and this isn't exactly a newsy website. We let some of the other gun blogs take care of news and other boring stuff—while we handle the juicy deets, and I expound upon what those details actually mean at large.
First, this is definitely a step in the right direction for New Jersey. He wants to make it easier for the average citizen to have access to a concealed carry permit instead of jumping through the many hoops that are currently needed to get through.
While it is true that this is a step in the right direction, we all have to remember a few very important things. People in New Jersey are hard headed, and set in their ways. (I can say that, because I was born and raised there). (Don't worry, I've since moved). We have to keep in mind that these same hard headed folks voted for the legislation that is currently law when they elected all of the anti-gun folks into office over the years.

They brought this mess upon themselves, and they are not going to change that. There is a steep climb up Mount Everest to get the gun laws to change.
Also, while Chris Christie has had a change of heart about guns, to the point where he's been vetoing some democrat sponsored bills and suggesting they turn into a “shall issue” state, he's coming up on the end of his last term in the governor's chair. He has just a year and a half left before he's replaced by someone else who will likely be an anti-gunner. My hope is that another republican gets into the office, but chances of that happening again in the near future are zip, zero, and zilch.
Sadly, I believe the only thing that will ever help freedom-loving Jersians, is the zombie apocalypse or a 2A-loving federal government wiling to mandate a set of gun laws across the country and all of her territories. Ya know, sort of like what the Second Amendment is supposed to do, but doesn't …

I think it's about time that someone from one of these harsh states stands up against the gun-grabbers. I just wonder if it's too little, too late. Maybe if he were just starting his second term in office things would look better. But, he's on the decline. The second half of his tenure is just about over, and his replacement won't likely be as easy on New Jersey's gun owners.
In other words, his vetoes and proposals don't really hold any weight and will likely be passed after he gets out of office.
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