Democrats Send Letter to Obama Urging Loophole Executive Order

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November 23, 2015 / Comments (2)

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Democrats are currently urging President Obama to use his authority to sign executive orders into place that would directly impact how often you could conduct private party transfers. They are trying to do this by defining what the ATF term “engaged in the business” of selling firearms is, as it pertains to FFL dealers.
Time and again, this “gunshow loophole” has been proven to be nothing more than a myth. And yet, those on the left continue to demonize this “loophole” as if these firearms are actually used to conduct crimes.
The fact remains that most of these guns are are used for hunting, or are collector items. I've already discussed and debunked this myth in great detail, in a blog post I titled The Gun Show Loophole Explained. (Give it a read, you'll enjoy it!)
When speaking of the ATF requirements to become an FFL, and the actual terminology being used, the letter sent by the senate says:
          But because the term is vague — is someone “in the business” if they sell eight guns? Seven guns? —               people can sell guns at a high volume online or at gun shows without performing background checks.
They go on to say that the proposed executive order would have no impact on a dad leaving a rifle to his son, or that it would prevent someone from selling a firearm online. It's just that, they wouldn't be able to “sell guns at a high volume without any oversight by ATF and without conducting background checks.”
This, of course, begs the question of “how”. In other words, how could they enforce such laws? It's hard to say at this point, however more oversight from every gun owners favorite federal agency—the BATFE—is sure to take place on some level, if the president does sign something into law.
Sadly, over 120 house and senate democrats have sent letters urging the president to close this “loophole.” These sheep are being sent to the slaughter house by the ultra liberal Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.).
According to HuffPo, the white house replied that the idea is complicated, and has certain legal ramifications. However, they are also looking into which authorities they currently have, so there is still a chance that the president may try to close this mythical unicorn. Sorry, I meant “loophole.”
Grasping at straws seems to be the only thing that the democrats are able to do these days. First, they fabricate a story, trying to prove that this “loophole” is so dangerous with so many guns being sold each day that it must be closed. And why? Who really knows. But, they've got to start somewhere.
Do you think the president will try to impose his will upon us?

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