What The Devil Dog Arms Scandal Means To A Real Marine


April 12, 2016 / Comments (7)

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There is almost nothing worse than someone who makes money off of lies. In one way, it is kind of like theft. When you think about it, if you lie to people for a living, you are stealing from them. Because, when they buy your products they are buying into who you are.
Many of them may have purchased from somewhere else, had they realized the truth.
Some of you may think that I'm about to overreact to the Devil Dog Arms Scandal. But, let me tell you what the lie of stolen valor means to many of those who have actually served:
As someone who served honorably in the United States Marines, and who actually shook Joe Lucania's hand and exchanged our my motto “Semper Fidelis” verbally, I feel as though I need to go wash up. I feel dirty, disgraced and lied to.
Joe Lucania, the former owner of Devil Dog Arms, a company we covered at SHOT and the GAOS has made a statement “apologizing” for stealing the valor of bold veterans. These are the same vets who were willing to give their lives in the name of freedom so that some scumbags could abuse it for personal gain.
Many of these patriots gave their lives so that he could live on in cowardice, making money off of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor.
If you were unaware, the EGA is something that Marines earn, only after they complete a grueling 54 hour test at the end of their 12 week basic training. This test is what is known as the Crucible. It sucks. You go a few days on minimal sleep (six hours, to be exact), a rationed MRE or two for food and lots of humping (hiking).
By the time you get back, you are exhausted and have almost nothing left to give. You arrive just in time for what's known as the warrior's breakfast, which is a celebration of sorts for New Marines…
…those of us who had just earned that EGA and could finally be called by the the title of “Marine” for the very first time. Until then, we were maggots, recruits, shit birds, f*uck sticks and any other name you could think of. We were the lowest of the low, and even the sand fleas had more rights than we did.
Speaking of the fleas, our Drill Instructors would march us out to where those nasty little bugs were, just so we could feed them with our flesh. We weren't allowed to smack them away, and if we did, there'd be hell to pay. Imagine being eaten alive by countless little bugs that you couldn't swat away. After all, “My fleas gotta eat too!” the DI would yell in his raspy voice.
Ah, memories. Anyway, back to my point:
I remember the day I earned my EGA like it was yesterday, even though I graduated my basic training on 23 December 1999 with platoon 1110. Do you know what I remember most?
The feeling of my hateful Drill Instructor SGT Thompson placing that black Eagle, Globe and Anchor into the palm of my hand. I remember the tears streaming down my face as I beat adversity against all odds. In my exhaustion, I felt the honor, courage and commitment running through the blood of my veins.
I earned that. And it is something that nobody will ever be able take away.
And then you have fools like Joe Lucania of Devil Dog Arms, who, for so many years, claimed the same. And why? Just to earn a lousy buck. He never earned the title and is the lowest form of life.
During a period of time when Americans utterly adore their military members and veterans, and would do almost anything for them, you've got people capitalizing on that fact. A lot of people would rather buy from a veteran-owned business, as opposed to someone who hasn't served.
It is a shame that he had to lie for business. Sadly, his employees have paid the price with their jobs and will have to find other employment opportunities. Hopefully they can, but it is still a tough job environment for many.
devil dog arms scandal

Sad. This employee lost his job.

Anyone who was associated with the company has now disavowed them. A good example, is Beck, who recently worked with DDA to develop their .510 Beck rifle, which we got to see at the GAOS back in February.
devil dog arms scandal

Statement from Beck

If this teaches us anything, it is that anyone could be lying to us at any point, and we'd likely never know the difference. What do you think? Does this sort of thing piss you off? Or, am I overreacting to this case of stolen valor? Let me know in the comments below.

Then, when you're done with that, check out our friends over at the Family Protection Association, to see what they're all about.

7 Responses to :
What The Devil Dog Arms Scandal Means To A Real Marine

  1. Dan says:

    I am ex-Army, but I must say that this “scandal” comes nowhere close to the the real scandals perpetrated by the Obama administration.

    1. Joshua Gillem says:

      Can’t disagree with you there!

  2. Don Mitchell says:

    Semper Fi! I agree with the theme of your article. However, I must say that as a ‘Nam Marine (went through Parris Island in ’67) I don’t remember any EGA presentation… must be a newer tradition.

    1. Joshua Gillem says:

      I believe it is newer. Back in the Nam days, if I’m not mistaken, they were trying to get everyone cycled through as quickly as possible. So, while they didn’t lessen the training, they also didn’t have any time for “the littler things in life.” Semper Fidelis, brother.

  3. Richard young says:

    The stolen valor article Devil Dog Arms Scandal, and the scum bag Joe Lucania are a growing breed that need taken out….Go to pownetwork.org, the people are on the prowl for possers and scum bags just like this one was and is… I am disabled combat Vet from Nam 1967-68 25th Inf Div, ARMY and when people disgrace the very fabric of the souls of the hero’s I served with and the hero’s that died for all of us and the scum bags too it makes me want to hurl. These scum bags need to be fed to the maggots, only problem is I don’t like treating maggots like that…. Due dilligence!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Martin says:

    The creature that owned “Devil Dog Arms” should never have his name spoken in polite society again. I started in the 60s as a Naval Beachmaster and finished my career in the Army in ’02 with a break in service.
    To be very honest, I never heard a round fired in anger during my 30 year career, but I have always respected the Marines as an organization and individually as well as those personnel who “faced the elephant”.
    There is absolutely NO excuse for the abomination of Stolen Valor to exist. We need a President and Congress that will pass a law covering this crap and actually making it a crime to use phony military credentials of personal aggrandizement and/or gain regardless of the Supreme Court rulings!

  5. bob onit says:

    hey even up just draft him

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