Don’t Cash That Social Security Check Just Yet!

Don't Cash That Social Security Check Just Yet!

July 20, 2023 / Comments (18)


The proposed rule change would mean that Social Security recipients could have their guns confiscated if they're “unable to manage their own affairs.”

While most would agree that people who are severely mentally unstable or incompetent probably shouldn't have guns, where will the government draw the line?  If you're bad at keeping a budget or forget where you left your keys,?  Unfortunately, we can probably count on the government to use the most intrusive standard possible.  All the more reason to prepare and save for your own retirement, rather than relying on the government to take care of you.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July 20, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

18 Responses to :
Don’t Cash That Social Security Check Just Yet!

  1. Jr1776 says:

    How about don’t take our taxes if you can’t manage our Country’s budget !

    1. DEW says:

      Excellent suggestion !!!

  2. LonnaBertelli says:

    Or – stop stealing from our SS account! Pay back what you (government) stole!

  3. Norman Desjarlais says:

    We pay into this fund our entire lives. This is not welfare or a handout from our loving Uncle Sam! He has managed to rob us blind, and then tell us they will dribble a small amount of OUR money back to us under an ever expanding list of conditions.

    1. Vince says:

      Right on Norman, I couldn’t agree more!!

  4. Neal Gaylor says:

    This fkn JACKASS thinks he’s king of America!

    1. msg51 says:

      The way congress is letting him run wild, he is.

  5. Lorraine E says:

    Social Security is a trust fund. Employees pay into the trust fund which is supposed to be repaid to them for their retirement. Social Security has absolutely nothing to do with guns or this administration’s lust for gun confiscation. Our appointed president has no right to deny retirees their Social Security benefits. The Congress has depleted the fund over the years and replaced the money taken with IOUs. Also the government has erroneously taken money from our Social Security trust fund to pay for the State Department’s Foreign Aid. All of the money which the government has withdrawn from the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for benefits given to illegal aliens in our country should be transferred from the State Dept. to the Social Security Trust Fund. The congress must stop the appointed president from stopping Social Security Benefits to rightful recipients until they have surrendered there guns. This is a FIRST STEP toward denying Social Security Benefits to all recipients unless they surrender their guns and forego their Second Amendment Rights. Hello Congress! Put an end to this evilness now before it is expanded to everyone receiving Social Security.

    1. bigbillofwyandotte says:

      Sorry to tell you this Lorraine, but there is no such thing as a Social Security trust fund. This is a fable people have been falling for ever since it was enacted. Check around if you don’t think I’m right. As for it’s being a method of gun control, it’s possible, though one has to wonder where the Government would get the number of people needed to audit the finances of everyone who gets it.

      1. Art says:

        The “trust fund” exists only on paper & as has been stated, $$$ coming in has been spent on other things & all the “trust fund” has is a stack of IOU’s. Also, there is no such thing as a S.S. “check” anymore — payments are either direct-deposited into a recipient’s bank account, or put on a debit card. I chose the latter method.

        And I have never seen anything which ties firearms ownership to social security. Like everyone else receiving monthly social security payments, the amount I receive is based only upon what I & employers I worked for paid into the system. No one has ever asked “do you own a firearm”, or are you black, white, or hispanic, are you married, do you have children, etc.

        It’s strictly a mathematical calculation — X amount was paid in to the account (your SSN is your account #) over the years & this SSN is eligible for Y amount each month — also based on age @ the time of filing.

        The ages have changed since my Dad applied for his S.S. “benefit” — now you can file @ age 62, 66, or 72. At age 62 you receive the lowest amount (based on what you & employers have paid in), age 66 is considered “full retirement age” & your benefit amount is higher, and if you wait until age 72 to file, your benefit amount will be higher.

        I did the math & for me, filing @ age 62 made the most sense. How long will you live? Is it worth getting zero for 4 years for a larger payment, or 8 years for the maximum amount? You have to figure that out for yourself . And several people I know filed @ age 62 because they thought there might not be anything to collect later. As has been correctly stated, CONgress can change or eliminate S.S. benefits @ any time. — S.S. is NOT a contract & the federal Gov’t. is not legally bound to pay you anything.

    2. UncleJerry51 says:

      Social Security is an insurance policy with no obligation to pay anybody anything. See:

  6. 2nd Amendment says:

    They want our Social Security so they can pay for the debt were in

    1. Jake Williams says:

      The gubment does not to want to pay for our debt – NEVER!
      But they will keep raising it.
      Any SS money would be given to illegals and anti-American gubments.

  7. Don Taylor says:

    let Obama and Washington start at their own house, they can’t do it now .Washington is such a joke, not just here but around the world

  8. bahndon says:

    To destroy a nation one must rewrite its history, remove its traditions, and take it deeply into debt. Obama, the RINOs and Demorats have been doing a very good job of it!!!!!

  9. Tim says:

    It is to bad some of us have been disabled due to auto accidents and cannot afford nio to cahs our checks, what really gets me is that the people who wanted thhis are getting more then they bargained for, and to think htat I served fro 8 years in the military ofthis country, just to watch it turn its back on all that it stands fro, the abominations that caused the destruction of two great kingdoms are said to be what is right. they allow that and murder their childeren also, what ahs been promised is what is going to come and the people in the WHite house are trying to maske it happen

  10. Smith says:


  11. Barbara says:

    Uncle Jerry 51 is 100% correct! also, check out some articles by Anna Von Reitz ( Alaska)

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