Don't Ever Let Your Friends Shoot You With Electricity

June 2, 2016 / Comments (3)


Have you ever wondered what a taser or stun-gun does to people? If so, the below video will not only explain it to you, but make you proud that you've got good friends. Unless, of course, you're this guy from the below video.
Chances are pretty good, though, that you'd never volunteer for any taser or stun-gun experiments with your friends. However, if you do ever decide to take one for the team to see what, exactly, these things can do to the human body…make sure you get on the ground, first.
That way, you only have so far to fall before you smack your head. I stumbled across this gem of a video looking for something else, and just couldn't resist the opportunity to share it with all of my patriot friends.
Take this one to the bank, folks, and deposit it for later use. And, if your “friends” ever do this to you, get some new friends because these people this idiot hangs out with, suck.
Let us know what you think about this poor sap in the comments below. And, don't be afraid to say that you laughed a bit, because I did. Twice. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to :
Don't Ever Let Your Friends Shoot You With Electricity

  1. Tommas Brannen says:

    OUCH Comes to mind I’ve been hit twice for a job not fun

  2. Jimbob says:

    Yea man ant it cool he tried it on his dog and his mother to man you can shit your self to we going to do the mailman to he he he going to be suprise yea man doo cool ya got to fetch a one of these.

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