Liberal Children Hate Guns Even More Than Their Parents Do

Let me take a moment to introduce you to the future of America. Or, shall I say, the destruction of this once great, Free Land…

The current generation of American children will forever change the landscape of this country, and not in a good way. The progressive liberals currently raising children, are bringing up the most anti-gun, anti-Constitution, anti-freedom Americans ever, since the inception of our nation. What we're now seeing with the socialist rioters at Trump rallies, pales in comparison to what will be 10-15 years down the road.

Sadly, there is almost no course of action that will fix this…

These kids will grow up to be worse than their parents are, because that's just the way it's always been. What do I mean? How far have we fallen from the WWII era of American work ethic, thinking, and values? Scratch that, how far did the people of America fall from WWII to Vietnam? It was a totally different country in a very short time span.

It's happening again, my fellow patriots.

Nancy Pelosi spoke to a class of 8th graders in the über liberal city of San Francisco. What did America's Future want to talk to her about? Gun control. Not “global warming,” war, current affairs, or anything else on the list of “cares” for liberals. Gun control was on the top of their list. And, the source article I used in my research said that these children raised 1,000 signatures to show their support for more stringent gun control measures.

What do they want to see? They don't just want more background checks (though, that is on the list). They want a ban on “assault rifles” and to completely ban handguns. I believe the quoted term used was: “a prohibition on handguns.” The word “prohibition” is just another way of saying: Let's make this illegal to own.
I don't remember a time when such young people cared so much about a topic like gun control. I remember when I was a kid (it wasn't that long ago, after all I'm only 36. In fact, my birthday was two days ago!), the main topic of concern was the rain forest. Everyone wanted to know how they could protect the animals and plants. Certainly not a bad cause to be concerned with.

But, these kids want to end “gun-violence” and, ultimately, take away the freedoms of We, The People. They're already being active in doing so, and I bet they aren't alone. How do the politicians reply to them? Just how you think they would. This is how Pelosi responded to their heroic signature gathering:

Your activism is really very, very important, and I thank you,” the House minority leader told the students. “The future is yours, you are the future. You have to take an interest in it.”

If this doesn't disturb you on at least some level, it should because our children will have to live in this world. By that point, if we continue on the same course we're already on, America will be all BUT free.
The proof is in the pudding, and these children are being raised like this on purpose. Much in the same way that I'm raising my kids as God-fearing, gun-loving, freedom-cherishing patriots.
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9 Responses to :
Liberal Children Hate Guns Even More Than Their Parents Do

  1. Oscar Pearson says:

    A no-brainer trying to brainwash little kids. How pathetic!

  2. Wes says:

    When Washington D.C. becomes a ” GUN FREE ZONE ” I will start to take them seriousely.
    Of course when that happens I will be able to fly … !

  3. Sgtyork says:

    Liberals are just following Hitler’s ways to disarm the citizens then you March to thier tune,this March cocould be to your death tho. Once ovomit gets to be the true Dictator kiss American freedoms goodbye. All his mouthing is only for Communism leading to a country of muslims.

  4. Mike F says:

    This is the #1 Reason for home schooling! To keep these Agenda-Driven-Free-America-Hating-Leftists out of our kids’ heads! Time for this pe-losing baby killer to be placed on the shameful ash heap of history!

  5. Cole D. says:

    I grew up in a neighborhood of world war 1, world war 2 and Korean war veterans. You could not go to a house where there were no guns. Every child knew the whereabouts of such and at a certain age approved by their parents learned how to use them safely. This was not in the country, but, a suburban neighborhood.
    That was a time where arguments between neighbors did not end in gunfire, frequent fights at school did not result in going home getting a gun and shooting the other guy. Law breaking was not acceptable and there was a mutual respect among human beings. We do not have a crisis of guns but of moral values that disregard the lives , property and rights of others. We played with realistic chrome 38’s, Colt Peacemakers and 45’s and not one child died at the hands of a confused cop or committed any murders. We understood our history, the Constitution and the purpose and necessity of the Bill of Rights. Now kids have to go to College to get a High school Education. And they still have no understanding of History

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