Everyday Survival: Work Survival Kit To Help You Survive The Daily Grind

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August 6, 2023 / Comments (3)

Survival Gear

Nothing will ever compare to everyday survival, and I mean that. Why? Because it's just going to be the same set of events every day for our entire lifetime. We get up, commute, go to work, commute, go home, and go to sleep. Everything else in between is circumstantial, so the monotony of surviving a 9-to-5 job can be overwhelming.

Unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, you spend the next few decades trapped inside a cubicle or the confines of your office. Sometimes, your workplace can be exciting and sometimes boring.  So with that being said, we've come up with a list of items that you can carry with you for your everyday survival.

Everyday Survival: Work Survival Kit To Help You Survive The Daily Grind

Life is full of challenges. There may not always be a dangerous or a life-threatening situation but what I know is that preparedness is the key to coming out alive and safe from whatever the circumstance may be. We might encounter some of these challenges in our workplace.

After all, an emergency situation doesn't choose where and when it will strike. So to battle these unwanted episodes in our life, it's important to be prepared. We need to be ready at all times with these items. Below is a list of items that you may want to consider bringing in your workplace for everyday survival. Read on and find out what item is appropriate for you.

Swiss Army Knife

I've always carried a Swiss Army knife or any multitool with me since high school. You may not find yourself in an actual survival situation but if you have a knife with you in the event of perilous circumstances then it will come in handy. You don't necessarily have to bring a fixed blade, but a multi-tool will suffice.

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The importance of a good, reliable knife has been proven and tested a lot of times not just in an emergency situation but also on the daily grind. And we all know that a Swiss Army knife more than just a knife, it's a multi-tool that can make our everyday task convenient. Talking about multi-tool, you might want to try this Hoffman-Richter HR-100 13-in-1 Multitool.


A lot of people overlook the importance of a small, if not tactical, flashlight. They say that flashlights are only useful at night when you're out in the woods or somewhere without electricity. For me, a small flashlight comes in handy when I'm looking for my seat in the cinema or when I'm fixing the computer It can also be used for self-defense.

How? A small flashlight can become a good blunt object to hit with or you can shine it in your assailant's eyes. This can be a useful method for getting out of a threatening situation. This tactical flashlight is one of the best things ever to have in your pocket. Grab yours here.

Instant Stain Remover

I can never count the times an instant stain remover saved my life. It gets the chocolate stain out of my kid's shirt. It gets the ketchup stain that gets stuck in my necktie. It does a lot of things. This may not make your clothes absolutely clean but they can hide or camouflage the stain without leaving a tell-tale indication of a quick bathroom trip.

Energy Bars

We get sleepy in the workplace due to the lack of nutrition. When breakfast and lunch are not enough, I find energy bars to be lifesavers. These supplemental bars contain vitamins, minerals, amino acid and other important substance that will keep you on the go. We have to be alert and stay focused to get the job done efficiently.


Apart from my wallet, you will always find a pen inside my pockets. Other than its obvious application which is primarily for writing, a pen can also be used for self-defense. But proper training is necessary to make it an effective defense weapon. There are numbers of tactical pens out in the market built for self-defense.


I bring a lighter with me all the time, but I don't smoke. For me, lighters are useful tools. Like a flashlight, they make for a good light source. They can also become useful for certain situations, like burning away that loose thread or lighting your co-worker's birthday candles.


Mobile phones are remarkably useful, especially in an emergency situation. For starters, it's your go-to communication tool when faced with a survival condition. One good thing about mobile phones is that even though a call may not go through due to a signal outage, your text messages might. If I have to list down the benefits of having a mobile phone i emergency situations, I could already make a long blogpost.


When you are caught in a dangerous situation and you need to call for help, a simple whistle is more effective than yelling. It has been said that the high-pitched sound from a whistle travels further than your voice. It is louder too. Regardless of the place or situation, you should always have your whistle because you can never tell when will an emergency shows its disgusting face. Plus this also looks good as a keychain.


Wallet is where we keep our IDs, cards, cash, and other paper documents. It may not be as important as what's inside it, but wallets play an important role in protecting these indispensable assets from damage or loss.

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You can also keep a spare key inside your wallet. And of course, you also need to carry extra cash. When SHTF, your credit cards and ATM will become useless but cash will always be KING!

Check out this video to know more about everyday carry kit and what's included in it! 

When we're talking about the unexpected, the best defense you can get is be prepared all the time. Danger may present itself so sudden and in an unprecedented magnitude that you will not be able to respond immediately or properly. It could be in the woods, in the streets or dark alleys, in your workplace, or even in the comfort of your own home. It's only wise to have these things that you need nearby to help you get through a life's undesired episode. Penny for your thoughts? Tell us what you think about this list by dropping your two cents in the comments below.

Everyday Survival: Work Survival Kit To Help You Survive The Daily Grind

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Everyday Survival: Work Survival Kit To Help You Survive The Daily Grind

  1. Jerry Hampton says:

    Where did you get the whistle? This would be a great item to stock in the Survival Life Store. I have a pea ball type whistle but it rattles. The other on is plastic. Both are rather obvious to carry.

    1. Yosemite says:

      Check out Marine (boat) supplies. The have SUPER LOUD Whistles as a signaling device. You might also be interested in buying a 12 Gauge Flare gun kit. You might a kit that has both. You can do a search and find a sleeve that will allow you to fire 12 Gauge rounds. Granted it will be a single shot.
      One site is you can try is Boat US for the whistle and flare gun. They do not sell the sleeve needed to shoot 12 gauge rounds.

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