Sadly, I Think It's Time We Took Everytown Seriously…

December 29, 2015 / Comments (2)

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In a strange turn of events, the NBA has given their support to Everytown for Gun Safety.
Wait, who is the NBA again? In a far off and distant land, I seem to remember a sport called basketball that used to be important. Okay, maybe not important. The right word might be entertaining.
Stars like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Dickembe Mutombo brought star power to the formerly glorious sport, with a certain amount of professionalism. Sadly, this ended with the retirement of such athletes as The Shaq and others.
But, that’s not even the point, is it? Regardless of how a professional sport used to be compared with how it is today, doesn’t really matter all that much.
What does matter, is that our opponent—the organization known as Everytown, powered by the notoriously rich Mike Bloomberg, are no longer a JV team (as Barry would put it). They are no longer the annoying gnat buzzing your ears, evading each swat of hand.
They’ve graduated. No longer a gnat; but a rat. A gnat can’t really hurt you. It is just annoying. However, rats are filled with all kinds of deadly diseases, bacteria and viruses. Rats can really mess stuff up, unless you humanely remove them.
I digress…
A professional sports league doesn’t just give full support of something they don’t believe in, or something not deemed worthwhile. And, now that the National Basketball Association supports Everytown for Gun Safety in addition to causes like Habitat for Humanity and the Boys & Girls Clubs (which are legit things to support), it takes on a different meaning.
At least, it does for me.
We used to laugh when their rallies would draw a crowd of 15-20 demonstrators. Clearly, those days are over and we need to take this organization seriously. Why? Because they are as determined to take our guns away, as we are to keep them.

The fact that we are entitled to the rights that the 2nd Amendment offers doesn’t much matter to people who trample the Constitution on a daily basis. Rights don’t matter to these people…

…only their agenda does.
The time has already passed for us to band together to protect what is our right. If we aren’t doing so already, all we are going to be doing is losing ground to the liberals, who, in fact are gaining ground. The fight is very real folks. Yesterday, I wrote an article about some of the steps we can take to combat this. Check it out next—and do what it says.

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