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November 6, 2023 / Comments (19)

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If you've decided to read this post, chances are you own at least one gasoline container with a broken fuel spout. I, too, have a couple of old fuel containers with broken nozzles.

About a year ago, I came across a product that looked promising, the EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout. I decided to give it a try, thinking I could use it for my old gas cans. What were my thoughts? Read on to find out!

EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout | To Spout or Not to Spout?

The Need

Over the past few decades, fuel containers have evolved significantly. The biggest change is in the materials. Most gas cans these days are made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which is a rugged plastic material.

The containers made from this material are lightweight and last for a long time under normal use. Their weak point, though, is their spout. These are made from more lightweight and flexible plastic, which have a tendency to crack and break after a few years.

This is exactly the problem I have experienced myself. I had two smaller gasoline containers that I used in my vehicle emergency kits. Since I live in Arizona, the heat and the dry air caused the fuel spouts to crack, defeating the purpose of the containers.

But, I didn’t want to throw them away. They were still in perfectly good condition. That’s when I started looking around for replacement spouts. Eventually, I found the EZ-Pour online and purchased a couple for my containers.

The Models

Combined Manufacturing, Inc. makes different versions of the EZ-Pour Spout. There is a Water Jug Spout, a Hi-Flow Fuel Spout, and a Hi-Flow Water Spout. The most popular one is the EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout which I will review here.

The Models | EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout Product Review

They also make various adapters for Jerry Cans, Chilton Gas Cans, and Racing Jugs. In other words, if you have a plastic fuel container, they probably have an EZ pour spout kit for it.

No products found.

The Catch

Only pre-2009 gas cans fit spouts currently out in the market. The reason is the EPA, in their bureaucratic wisdom, decided that fuel can spout needed “improvements” to meet new standards.

The result was spouts that are almost impossible to use. One perfect solution is the EZ-Pour Spout. For residents of most US states, you can purchase it and replace the existing one in your older gas can.

Projected Costs

The EZ-Pour Spout is priced at $10.95 on the manufacturer’s website, plus shipping fee. Retail and online prices will vary by a buck or two.


I purchased two of the regular EZ-Pour spouts because they fit my fuel containers (a Blitz and a Wedco). The first thing I noticed is how long they are. This is apparent because both of my containers are small ones—on larger containers they will seem normal.

The spouts don’t fold-up or collapse into the container. Instead, they're both detachable and extendable. This does take up less space and would normally increase the risk of spillage, but the quality of the top cap and the base cap will prevent this from happening.

The tube is strong yet has some flexibility, which is what you want in a spout. The caps are very sturdy and fit well with both the spout and the container. The kit also contains a second cap for the spout or can vent, a replacement push-in vent, a second base cap, and a flame arrester.

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When I put mine together and installed them on my gas containers, I was pleased with how everything fit together. The materials are high-quality and solid. I wasn’t afraid of breaking anything while I put it all together. In addition, it only took me a couple minutes to assemble and install.

Putting EZ Pour Hi Flo to the test

A few weeks ago, I decided to put these to the test with real fuel and a real vehicle. I went to my local gas station with my old containers and their new spouts. It takes an effort to unscrew the fuel spout from the can, which is a good thing. That means its threading is good and is unlikely to either unscrew or spill.

After I filled the can, I screwed the spout back on and put it in the trunk of my car. When I got home, there was no fuel in my trunk and the cap was still on the spout.

After, I went to my other car to fuel it up from the can. I took the cap off, put the spout in the tank, and tilted the container up. Everything flowed easily and in a few seconds, the can was empty. Plus, no fuel was spilled.

The only catch is the flap on the fuel filler tube wanted to hang on to the fuel spout. After a little wiggling, it came out, and I replaced the car’s fuel cap. In other words, the EZ-Pour spout worked like a charm.


  • Solid construction from good materials
  • Threads prevent fuel from leaking


  • Somewhat long spout for small containers takes up extra space

West Texas Prepper shows a video on replacing his old jug spout with the EZ pour replacement spout:

If you have any pre-2009 fuel containers laying around, you should consider getting an EZ-Pour fuel jug spout for them. They will allow you to continue to use your old style gas can with a spout that actually works well. The EZ-pour fuel jug spout could easily be the best gas can spout solution out there. I highly recommend them, and they won’t disappoint! Overall Rating 8/10.

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What are your thoughts about the EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 23, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

19 Responses to :
EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout Product Review

  1. Mike says:

    Been using these since 2010 an wouldn’t use anything else. Since a lot of gas cans have no air relief cap thanks to the Govt – I had to drill a hole in several of my plastic gas cans to insert the yellow plastic cap.

    1. ed says:

      Yeah Mike these really are nice to have since I threw away
      a few old metal ones before the wonderfull EPA helped to
      save CA.. If you know anyone going to Canada they have the
      old US standard ones.

  2. Bob Lane says:

    I also have several, purchased over a few years. The newer spouts have an integrated screen which serves as a filter and if anyone is dim enough to pour gasoline onto a fire, they would serve as a fire stop… but I wouldn’t bet my life on that last part.
    If you want (it’s an inconvenience) you can cap the spout and invert it into the container for transport.
    This is a great product, and durable too. The kit also provides a snap-shut vent; installing that requires that you drill a 1/2″ hole in an appropriate spot on the container.

  3. Jim says:

    You are wrong about them not fitting fuel cans newer than 2009. I have bought several 5 gallon plastic cans made by Midwest Can Co.in the last three years (including this year) and replaced the worthless “safety spouts” with the EZ Pour spouts. They work very well and I especially like that they include the vent fitting so they can breathe when you are pouring. Around here, they have two choices – one looks like the one shown in this article but the other one has a bigger nozzle tip and includes an extension tube too (I prefer this one!).

  4. Bob says:

    I expect the 2009 year thing is an EPA regulation that is a violation of EPA law/protocol to change the nozzle to one that does not meet the latest specs

  5. John Gorman says:

    When the government demands nonsensical things from the population they must be ignored. The legislation that allowed this stupidity to go on pursued and dismantled. This country desperately needs a consumer oversight CITIZEN group. Who has the time individually? The beat goes on…,

    1. Sandra Traweek says:

      That idiotic, impossible to pour and dangerous EPA spot which came out some years ago, left me vulnerable to using my gasoline can without resorting to using an old ventage spout from an old gasoline can. One day, after the gardeners left, I was left with an open gasoline can and no spout. You guessed it, my cherished spout was missing, never to return. .. That’s when I searched the web for a new spout to my old can. GOD BLESS INVENTIVE AMERICANS: There was a newely designed spout for my gasoline can that would work despite the government.

      1. Thurston says:

        Yes, Lovie, those pesky gardeners! Please pass the caviar and the Dom.

  6. John Malin says:

    Anyone ever have the problem that these fuel spouts are irregular? They can catch on the flapper valve inside a car’s fuel tank. This makes the spout difficult to extract from the tank, possibly resulting in damage to the flapper valve.

  7. Billy Pierce says:

    how can you tell if the can is made after 2009?

    1. Randy Baldauf says:

      Don’t worry about the 2009 thing. The writer is mistaken on that. The EZpour works on all cans that’s the reason they came out with them.

  8. Bruce Anderson says:

    OMG,,,, 2009, I have gas cans going back WAY further than that. I guess I’m the only nay sayer here, so sorry about that. While the nozzle part of the deal seems great. I can’t use it!!! And that is because the threads on the can are totally different. This “kit” while things looked good at the start was an over-whelming disappoint. Can someone tell me why so many gas cans have different thread patterns????? Thank you.

  9. Lewis jones says:

    I have bought these products before and they would be great, but of the same products I purchased, the can caps that screw onto the can don’t always fit. It appears that the screw patterns on the product don’t screw down well enough to make a good tight seal.

  10. Jeffrey Wilson says:

    I have had the same results as Lewis Jones. I’ve purchased 3 of these spouts and they all leak on my 5 gallon gas cans when I try to pour gas out. They do not fit tight enough to be able to pour without leaking.

  11. Dano says:

    For the push in vent cap, use a 1/2 inch step drill bit, not a regular twist drill bit, which leaves an irregular hole. Also, do not drill the vent on the seam! Move to one side of the seam (on a flat area near the rear top side of the container).One of my cans split along the seam at the new hole.

  12. Cameron J Mael says:

    Actually…your spout looks fine….but most spouts work better with the kind of gas can you have it on…the kind with the yellow plastic air vent cap. Those cans are not easy to buy anymore.

  13. The Doc says:

    In 2009, the “new” Obama EPA swung into action, with new liberal administration drawn from the environmentalist crowd! The thrust was to outlaw all older gas cans! I have over a dozen Gott/Rubbermaid cans of various sizes. None of the new caps/spouts fit these cans and Rubbermaid built them to last a lifetime! The threads were redesigned, by this bunch of “ environmental wackos” to not be compatible with anything, without leaking! With Obama “almost out of sight”, we have nothing left but carnage and malfitting trash! They put Gott/Rubbermaid out of the gas can business, because they were too easy to use, lasted too long and cost too little! Yes, the caps and spouts were their “weak point” and when I can find replacements, Inwill buy them! None has “surfaced” yet! The “California” cans are an absolute nightmare! They are “reverse vented” to prevent fuel fumes from getting back into the environment! They leak, are extremely expensive and an “Obamanation”! I have several cans I cannot use, because none of the new stuff works on these excellent old cans and the manufacturer was bankrupted by “the Obama EPA”! The fuel tube flapper on your gas tank filler, guess where that came from? You guessed it! Same dumb-asses! It wasn’t just fueling issues involved here! That’s why ammunition and reloading components are so expensive/unavailable now! It was all by design! If you can go anywhere/defend your self, then you are a hostage/slave! That was the overall intent, in case none of you saw it!

  14. ANDY SMITH says:

    I tried the new spout assemblies and was very disappointed!!!! the yellow caps will not seal and if tightened, strip the threads!!! they definitely do not fit existing cans!!! a very poor fuel can addition, unless you like to get gasoline baths, trying to pour into a vehicle filler spout!!! “NEW’ is not better or safer!!!!!

  15. D. Deal says:

    I have a number of gas containers that I regularly cycle to keep it fresh. I ditched the various spouts that they came with years ago in favor of the tubing with the metal end with a ball in it. On Amazon, they’re known as Shaker Siphon Transfer Pump- for Gas, Fuel, Oil, Automotive, Emergency, Fluid – By Katzco. I was skeptical about them, but after using them (for years now) they’re awesome. Simple and effective and they do not wear out. Highly recommended.

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