Female Asian Immigrant Shoots Home Invader

Asian immigrant shoots home invader—sign of the times?
In other defensive gun use reports, I have noted that when a targeted citizen raises a gun to defend him or herself, associates of the common criminal usually flee. An exception occurred recently in Gwinett County, Georgia, where armed “friends” of a home invader were so brazen as to shoot back after the homeowner, a female, shot the first would-be robber.
The crime may herald the growth of a trend that’s already been noted as targeting members of Asian communities in Philadelphia and Sacramento. This rural Georgia attack, in this writer’s opinion, signals the spread of a disturbing crime pattern and should be a call for more Asian business owners and managers to exercise their Second Amendment rights. It should also be a reminder to all gun owners about responsibility to our neighbors and nation.
First, the details as we know them: the woman was awakened by noise around 4:00 AM. She arose, retrieved a firearm (type unspecified), and went to inspect the commotion. She faced three armed men who had just kicked in the door and entered her home. She shot the first, a 28-year old male. Police say he died instantly. A neighbor reports having heard multiple shots. The accomplices fled, but shot in the woman’s direction in the process. Those suspects, both black males age 20-30, are still at large.

Although the shooting is perfectly justified, most home protection instruction advises homeowners to identify a place of cover from which they can prepare to shoot if necessary, as well as issue verbal warnings to allow all involved the best possible chance of remaining unharmed at day’s end.
The lawful shooting was performed by an immigrant who is a business owner. She speaks mostly Mandarin, so any hesitation to issue verbal warnings is understandable. Her reaction shows a decisive and rapid response, also recommended when you’ve made the decision to shoot. We could wonder all day about the round capacity of her firearm and such, but no information is available, so we’ll not do so.
This was the second act of violent crime against an Atlanta area Asian business owner in recent days. The first target did not survive.
While the brave homeowner performed well that night, her life surely has been unsettled by fear of retaliation or re-victimization, especially by the two who escaped. That she was targeted at home, well after business hours, is evidence that research was done in advance. Living in a place where she has a limited sense of community due to cultural and language barriers surely brings stress that I can only imagine. Click here to watch the video.
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An interview with Victoria Huynh with Pan Asian Community Services of Atlanta reveals a possible underlying motive. Criminals are stereotyping Asian businesspeople as keeping money at home instead of in banks. That’s true, says Huynh, of a lot of people, and may or may not be true just because the person is Asian.
The national scope and sudden proliferation of these race-targeted crimes, and the apparent spread from urban to rural communities, has the smell of organized crime delegated to perhaps less organized criminals.
It is up to the investigative agencies of our communities and nations to figure out what is driving this new and racist crime wave. It is up to citizens to deal with it in real time.
Just like Asian shopkeepers, gun owners are stereotyped generously, and usually as white redneck males. At least for me, I’ve found it it be true that, in a room of people fitting that description, most if not all do own guns—and are more than happy to talk about it. In reality, American gun owners are as diverse as our nation itself, with some segments being much quieter than others. Gun owners come in every color, political stance, occupation, age, and gender.

White dudes may have a corner on the publicity, but the rest of us are still here and some of us are, like the Mandarin restauranteur, ready and willing to protect ourselves and loved ones with deadly force when faced with the decision to do so. The race and occupation of the attacker are immaterial. Self-governance was won by such people here in the USA and in other places. When self-governance survives, it does so because there are still people more willing to fight than lay down, more willing to give than to receive.
Our country wasn’t founded on social justice principles. I’m not going to advocate that a new program start to raise awareness of, or support for, any sub-group of gun owners. Despite what some say, we are a country with an unbeatable history of compassion, neighborliness, and charity. It is with this in mind that I encourage readers to do a good turn for responsible gun ownership in their own communities. Whether that means inviting a kid to hunter safety class, organizing a match, or allowing your neighbor to try out your revolver and your semi-auto so they can make a more informed choice at the gun shop, do something. Your nation needs you, right now.
To those already walking the walk, thank you.
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