Flyboarding Tips | What You Need To Know Before Going

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November 20, 2017 / Comments Off on Flyboarding Tips | What You Need To Know Before Going

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Here are some flyboarding tips you need to know before heading out to the water. Read on to learn the basics of flyboarding for a more awesome experience!

Learn To Fly: Basic Flyboarding Tips For Beginners

Want to fly like Iron Man? Flyboarding is the answer to your fantasies! This relatively new sport is taking dauntless adventurers and water sports fanatics by storm. A flyboard is basically a board mounted to your feet and connected to a waverunner turbine by a 60-foot hose allowing users to rise into the air, jump out and dive into the water. But before you experience the thrill and live your dream of becoming a superhero, learn the basics first with these reliable flyboarding tips!


Wear Safety Gears

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The first thing you need to do before heading to the water is to wear the necessary safety gears. Securely and tightly strap helmet, body suit, and boots to keep you safe all the time while enjoying this thrilling activity. Although flyboarding may seem to be one of the safest sports to learn, wearing protective gears is a must rather than an option.

Follow Instructions

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Listen to your guide attentively and follow the instructions carefully. They won't allow you to go flyboarding if you're pregnant or under the influence of alcohol. High tide and strong winds are also some factors that will prevent you from flyboarding. Even though you're a fearless adventurer, trying it on a bad weather is too dangerous and just not worth the risk.

Safe Distance

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Maintain a safe distance from the waverunner to avoid any possible harm. Although the probability of crashing into the waverunner is low, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

The Right Balance

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Balance is extremely important when it comes to flyboarding. Listen to your guide as he tells you the right posture you need to sustain your balance. Slightly bend your knees forward but not at the same time. This technique will help you keep your balance and at the same time, prepare you for learning how to turn. You also need to be in an upright position before coming out of the water.


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You need to relax your mind and body especially if this is your first time using a flyboard. It will not only make the instructions easier to understand but it will also let you focus more on your balance.

Don't Give Up

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Flyboarding may not be as easy as it looks like but your patience and determination to learn will absolutely pay off. Master the fundamentals and make yourself comfortable with the basics first before jumping into the next level.


Watch this video and find out more about the basics of flyboarding!

As time continues, more and more sports will come out and catch our interest. It doesn't matter if you're just a weekend warrior or an avid sports enthusiast. The thrill and excitement of trying new things out of our comfort zone give us a rewarding feeling. So if you're looking for a unique adventure, flyboarding should be on top of your bucket list!

Penny for your thoughts? If you have more flyboarding tips in mind, you can drop your two cents in the comments below! 

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