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Folding hunting knives don't have to be practical and boring-looking tools—they can be really beautiful and still serve their purpose. If you're up for beautiful folding hunting knives, take a peek at our list and you might just fall for these beauties!

10 Folding Hunting Knives For Every Hunter

When hunters choose folding hunting knives, they factor in the knives' weight, quality, efficiency, and accessibility. These are very important features to look for in folding hunting knives, as you may already know.

But these babies don't just have to be practical—they can be very classy and even fancy hunting gear as well. Why do you have to always choose practicality over aesthetics when you can get both? Upgrade your hunting gear with one of the lovely folding hunting knives on this list!

DKC-37 Victorian Damascus Folding Pocket Knife Camel Bone

This beautiful piece of art from DKC Knives is made of Damascus steel with camel bone inlay.

Uniquely engraved and antique-looking, this folding knife is handcrafted by artisans. It comes with a leather sheath, which gives the knife a rustic charm.

Buck Knives' 110 Folding Hunter Knife

Buck Knives is famous for producing top-notch hunting knives on the market, and the 110 Folding Hunter is one of the oldest and most beautiful folding hunting knives they sell.

One glance at this knife and it fills you up with nostalgia. This model's simple and classic design has remained unchanged for many years.

Open Season Folding Skinner Knife

Another entry from Buck Knives is the Open Season Folding Skinner Knife. This knife is specifically designed to skin game as cleanly as it could.

The blade is made from double-tempered S30V steel. And its handle is crafted from  Rosewood Dymondwood.

Cold Steel Voyager XL Vaquero Plain Edge Knife

If you need to do some heavy chopping, the XL Voyager Vaquero Plain Edge knife is strong enough to do the job.

If you need to do some heavy chopping, the XL Voyager Vaquero Plain Edge knife is strong enough to do the job.

The blade is beautifully contoured, just like a cow's horn, which explains why the knife is named ‘vaquero'. Its grip or handle is secure enough to endure challenging conditions.

Boker Kwaiken Flipper

The Boker Kwaiken Flipper‘s simple, slim, and sleek design makes it look very classy.

Its blade, crafted from high-quality VG-10 steel, has a satin finish. The handle is made from carbon fiber, and it sports a pocket clip on one side.

Kershaw 3810 Dimension Folding Knife

The Kershaw 3810 Dimension Folding Knife has an interesting modern look.

Because of its ‘futuristic' appeal, it seems like a perfect prop for a sci-fi movie. This heavy-duty folding knife has a very solid feel because of its titanium handle.

SOG AE07 Aegis Folding Knife

If you fancy a knife that you could use as both a survival and a tactical knife, the SOG AE07 Aegis Folding Knife is the one for you.

The blade has a black finish, which gives the knife a combative and serious appeal. This knife is quite easy to use for both right-handers and left-handers since it has ambidextrous features on its grip.

Spartan by Cold Steel

Here's another knife from Cold Steel—the Spartan, which is a heavy-duty outdoor hunting knife. Its handle, reinforced by steel liners, is uniquely designed for easier and more stable grip.

The blade, meanwhile, is made from American BD1 Alloy Steel and sports a stonewashed finish.

Opinel N08

Opinel Knives' N08 folding knife has a round, beechwood handle and a carbon steel blade.

This knife is easy on the wallet since its price is relatively low compared to the other knives on this list. It is an example of a simple tool, free from elaborate designs, but still serves its purpose.

Ka Bar Bobcat Dozier

Ka Bar's take on this folding hunting knife is quite beautiful in its own way. Bob Dozier's design is more practical than elaborate.

Its blade detail is plain, supported by a handle made from Zytel.

Watch this video to check out Craig Shipp's list of the best folding hunting knives:

Each knife on this list is beautiful in its own way. Moreover, every single one of them has a practical purpose for hunting, including other outdoor activities. So, upgrade your hunting gear with one of these beauties!

Is your favorite folding hunting knife on this list? Let us know what you think of this list by writing a comment below!

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in November 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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