Go Big Or Go Home: .510 Beck Rifle From Devil Dog Arms

.510 Beck
What do you get when you take three separate companies, an AR10 platform and a big-ass cartridge? You get the .510 Beck rifle produced by Devil Dog Arms in collaberation with Beck Defense who designed the cartridge itself, and Lancer who developed the magazine. I was bummed that I didn't have a chance to catch up with them at SHOT Show or range day, but was thrilled when I saw their booth at the Great American Outdoor Show, last month.
I stopped and chatted with them for a bit, shot the breeze Marine Corps. style, and generally just drooled over the proposition of sending a .50 caliber round out of an AR platform rifle. Here is a photo I snapped at the GAOS in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:
.510 Beck

.510 Beck

Granted, this isn't the same type of cartridge that the .50 cal rifle cartridge is based on. That is a much longer cartridge, containing a lot more power. However, the projectile size is roughly the same, and is likely capable of sheer devastation.
Sadly, I haven't had a chance to shoot it, yet. Obviously—because I didn't make it to see them at range day. However, early reports say that it is similar to shooting a 12 gauge shotgun, but a lot more fun. Check out this video of it in action, here: 
One of its intended uses is for hunting. Though, Tyrannosaurus Rex has been dead for a few years and I'm not sure what hunting application it would be for. Still, it is pretty bad ass. Personally, I can't wait to shoot one even though I may have to sell one of my kidneys on the black market to buy the ammo for it. What's your take on this beast from the Marines over at Devil Dog Arms? Would you like to take it for a joy-ride?

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Go Big Or Go Home: .510 Beck Rifle From Devil Dog Arms

  1. John Bridwell says:

    I shot twin 50s for just short of two years, from the front of a PBR, if a .50 is not enough. Then I think you may as well make a 20mm rifle, I mean why not, you can use it to shoot down alien spaceships.

    1. Gunny says:

      Awe,nuts- that’s too much gun for alien spaceships! I shot one down in Roswell, NM with a wad of chewing gum slung out of a hunting sling back in then 1940’s!!

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