Gun Display Tips: How to Showcase Your Guns Safely

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So you want to showcase your gun collection, but how do you display firearms safely? Check out our gun display safety tips below so everyone gets to enjoy the experience!

Gun Display Safety Tips

As firearms enthusiasts, we love displaying our guns. But like many things with this hobby (way of life, really), there are right and wrong ways to do so.

Today, let’s talk about how you can display your gun safely and still enjoy the aesthetic or triumphant aspect they add to your home or gun room.

Note that we’re talking about gun display, not gun safe storage so they can’t be stolen or they’ll survive a house fire.

For this reason, we’re excluding traditional gun safes, which don’t display your guns at all. Still, a gun safe can be a great investment, just for different purposes.

There are two main ways you can display your guns: in a regular display case or on an open display (i.e. above your fireplace or mantle).

Using a Classic Display Case


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Many firearm enthusiasts love storing their weapons in classic display cases.

These can either be upward standing cases with glass windows or even fancier display cases like hollow coffee tables that allow you to store your weapons at knee-level, with a transparent glass pane allowing a look at the weapons from above.

Either way, regular display cases are great places to store your guns and allow you and any potential guests or fellow enthusiasts to inspect and appreciate your collection.

1. Go for Laminated or Polycarbonate Glass

We’d recommend that you always use either polycarbonate or laminated glass if you decide to purchase or build a classic display case for your firearms.

Such glass materials are more durable, so there’s less likelihood that the glass pane will shatter at all, particularly if you have kids that run around all the time.

As a bonus, this also makes it more difficult for a potential thief to break through your glass and get to your guns.

2. Add Bars or Wooden Beams

If you want even more reinforcement for your traditional display case, consider adding supporting wooden beams or bars to the inside of the case.

These can reinforce the laminated or polycarbonate glass mentioned above and will make it even more difficult for a would-be thief to get into your collection.

The downside is that this does ruin the look of your weapons from above or in front, but it may be a good trade-off if you’re more concerned with safety than the best aesthetics.

3. Keep Cases Locked

We’d also heavily recommend keeping your cases locked at all times.

This involves having one or more locks and preferably a key or key code that only you have access to or know the location of.

Keeping your cases locked is the best way to prevent kids, or anyone who shouldn’t be using the firearms within, from reaching your guns.

When Using an Open Display


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You can also display your guns openly by placing them on mounting arms or bases.

These are elegant, old-fashioned display strategies, and they can really tie a room together and allow you to retrieve your firearm quickly in the event of a property emergency.

1. Keep All Firearms Unloaded!

The best way to display your guns openly and safely is to keep them unloaded at all times.

No weapon should have a single cartridge inside unless you plan to use the gun immediately.

Again, this is a necessity if you have kids around that could potentially reach your weapons, and it’s a good insurance policy in case a thief gets a hold of your weapon(s).

2. Store Ammo Separately

For similar reasons, be sure to store all your gun ammunition in a separate part of the house, preferably in a locked case of its own.

This ensures that anyone who holds a gun will have to get through you and another key if they want to actually fire the thing.

Safe Gun Display Is Possible

If you've been an avid collector of guns and firearms, displaying them can bring you pride and joy. All the more when visitors see and appreciate your hobby.

Despite the pleasure of sharing your collection with other people, you must consider several factors to ensure the safety of everyone in your home.

Displaying your guns, whether in an open or close display, can be done safely. Heed these tips above and you'll have nothing to worry about!

Do you have a gun display at home? How did you set it up? We'd love to hear some tips from you in the comments section!

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