How To Choose the Right Gun Holster

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A gun holster is arguably just as important as the gun itself. A bad holster can snag your firearm as you try to draw it in a tense situation, while a good holster will let you draw quicker than the Man With No Name himself.

Let’s go over what you can focus on the choose the right gun holster for your needs.

5 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Gun Holster

1. Which Material Should You Get?

The first and most obvious aspect you should consider when selecting a gun holster is the material. Remember that an ideal gun holster will be durable, so you don’t have to purchase a new one shortly after buying an initial pick, and comfortable so you aren’t annoyed whenever you wear it.

Many popular gun holsters will be made from leather, which is tough and molds better to your weapon shape and your body shape over time. Other materials might include certain textiles like nylon or Velcro, which can be durable and comfortable if they have the right cushioning.

We’d recommend going with nylon or leather in most cases, although harder materials like Kydex – a thermoplastic that’s both sturdy and form-fitting – are also good options.

2. Is It Concealed Carry?

Next, pick a gun holster based on its ability to help you concealed carry your firearm. If you plan on carrying your weapon in secret, you obviously need a holster that can fit your body for concealed carry purposes.

On the other hand, if you plan to open carry this isn’t a factor you need to consider.

In most cases, concealed carry holsters are designed to fit beneath your shirt or outer layer of clothes. They may wrap around your belly or torso and facilitate drawing from cramped conditions or positions.

3. How Does It Draw?

Speaking of drawing, you’ll want to consider how a holster allows you to draw your weapon before purchasing one. Some holsters allow you to draw your weapon extremely quickly, which will be helpful in any self-defense scenario or home invasion situation.

It’s less useful when you are practicing shooting on the range, but it’s still a nice feature to have.

Other weapons are more safety-oriented and require you to undo a detailed clasp in order to draw your firearm. These are better if you primarily want to use your weapon for target practice on the range and aren't as concerned about self-defense.

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4. Does It Cover the Trigger?

The vast majority of holsters worth your time and money will cover the trigger of your gun. This is a safety measure, as it prevents a piece of clothing, an accessory, or anything else from accidentally pulling the trigger while you are walking around.

It also prevents you from pulling the trigger by accident if you need to pull your weapon quickly in a self-defense situation.

We would recommend skipping any holster that doesn’t cover your trigger entirely.

5. Does It Fit Your Weapon?

Finally, think about whether the given holster you are considering fits your weapon. Some are pre-sized to fit certain Glock or other popular pistol models. Others are more general and can fit a wide variety of handguns and self-defense weapons.

If you already have a specific holster in mind, imagine its dimensions and check out user reviews to see if other people have used a similar firearm to your own to good effect.

Go for a Comfortable Fit

Ideally, you’ll focus on all of the above elements when you select a gun holster for your pistol.

The right holster for your weapon will feel like a natural complement to the firearm. It should also enhance your performance rather than hinder it!

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How To Choose the Right Gun Holster

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